Pro-Rights Bill To Protect EMS & Firemen Voted Down In Virginia House Of Delegates

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Pro-Rights Bill To Protect EMS & Firemen Voted Down In Virginia House Of Delegates

Virginia – -( Today the House of Delegates voted down SB 715, Senator Amanda Chase’s bill that would have allowed EMS and fire personnel with CHPs to carry everywhere they go WHILE ON DUTY.

The brave men and women work in EMS and fire departments can get into some dangerous situations with violent criminals before the police arrive. Virginia Citizens Defense League strongly supported SB 715 and will grade the votes accordingly.

Democrat Marcus Simon and Republican Robert Orrock spoke against the bill.

Special thanks go to Senator Amanda Chase and Delegates Ben Cline and Todd Gilbert for their help in getting some important changes into SB 715 at VCDL’s request (the original bill and an amendment version still had a few issues).

Those voting pro-rights to protect EMS and fire personnel:

Adams, L.R., Bell, Richard P., Bell, Robert B., Brewer, Byron, Campbell, Cline, Cole, Collins, Fariss, Freitas, Garrett, Gilbert, Habeeb, Head, Hodges, Ingram, Kilgore, Knight, Landes, LaRock, Marshall, McGuire, Miyares, Morefield, O’Quinn, Peace, Pillion, Poindexter, Ransone, Rush, Ware, Webert, Wilt, Wright

Those voting anti-rights:

Adams, D.M., Aird, Austin, Ayala, Bagby, Bell, John J., Bloxom, Bourne, Boysko, Bulova, Carr, Carroll Foy, Carter, Convirs-Fowler, Davis, Delaney, Edmunds, Filler-Corn, Fowler, Gooditis, Guzman, Hayes, Helsel, Heretick, Herring, Hope, Hugo, Hurst, James, Jones, J.C., Jones, S.C., Keam, Krizek, Leftwich, Levine, Lopez, McQuinn, Mullin, Murphy, Orrock, Plum, Price, Rasoul, Reid, Robinson, Rodman, Roem, Sickles, Simon, Stolle, Sullivan, Thomas, Torian, Toscano, Tran, Turpin, Tyler, VanValkenburg, Ward, Watts, Yancey, Mr. Speaker


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