PolyCase Ammunition Exhibiting at Eurosatory 2016

PolyCase ARX bullet
PolyCase ARX bullet
PolyCase Ammunition
PolyCase Ammunition

Paris, France –  -(Ammoland.com)- PolyCase Ammunition is exhibiting at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris, France from 13-17 June. PolyCase will be in the U.S. Security & Defense Pavilion at the exhibition, in hall 5A, booth D607 . Eurosatory 2016 is being held at Parc Des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte.

“PolyCase Ammunition is pleased to exhibit at Eurosatory 2016,” stated Paul Lemke, Founder and CEO. Lemke said that “the advanced small arms ammunition offerings PolyCase will present in Paris are well suited for use in constrained defense and security environments, where a significant reduction in the risk of collateral damage from ricochet, over penetration or a bullet that travels past its intended target are greatly desired, while achieving exceptional terminal performance.”

Furthermore, he stated that “PolyCase’ s attendance at such international security and defense trade shows demonstrates the Company’s ongoing commitment to supporting their robust global network of distributor partners and their end user clients.”

PolyCase manufactures and sells ammunition under the Inceptor and Ruger brands. Both brands include products featuring PolyCase’s revolutionary injection-molded ARX projectile.

The ARX design has quickly established itself as the most innovative defensive bullet technology on the market. The bullet is injection-molded from a proprietary copper-polymer matrix, and achieves superior terminal ballistics while remaining frangible against hard targets such as hardened steel. The ARX achieves higher velocities than competing self-defense bullets, delivering energy to targets dynamically and efficiently. It penetrates soft targets and barriers without deformation or degradation in terminal performance.

By design, the non-expanding ARX bullet exploits the bullet’s forward velocity to redirect energy laterally via flutes in the bullet ogive. This unique profile transfers maximum energy to its target through a fluid dynamic effect. The result is a bullet with stopping power and terminal performance that rivals many expanding handgun bullets.

In addition to its flagship ARX PolyCase also manufactures a frangible, lead-free training option, the RNP™ projectile, under the Inceptor brand. Manufactured using the same materials and injection-molding process as the ARX, and featuring identical ballistics and felt-recoil to the ARX, the RNP is the ideal training cartridge for law enforcement and military forces.

Ruger ARX Ammunition is designed and produced by PolyCase under license from Ruger, and is available in the U.S. and throughout the world.

For more information about PolyCase Ammunition please visit www.polycaseammo.com.