Plan of Attack Now Targets Cowardly GOP in 2018

Opinion by Henry Bowman

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Plan of Attack Now Targets Cowardly GOP in 2018

USA – -(  In light of recent backstabbings of law-abiding American gun owners it’s clear that we need to keep our head on straight, and plan a counter attack to the current betrayal by of the GOP on Gun Rights.

Purge the RINOs in the Primaries

We might be looking at 60 seats, with that number we can ram any bill into law, but if we have fools that will just sit on bills (looking you Mitch/Ryan), it really will not matter. If we send in more RINOs, it will be just the same as sending in a Democrat at worst and at best a coward who does not wield power once they have it.

First, if you are not registered to vote, go out and register and register with the GOP as to purge out the RINOs.

If you live in a state with a Senate or state legislator election this year, get to know all GOP candidates, note their stances, follow them and their votes and support, or lack of it, for gun owners. Read up on them on whatever state-based gun forum or group you can join, volunteer to help good ones win the primary and then the general election.

Either you are with us, or against us. There are no middle grounds. As badly as the FL capitulation was, as well as the ongoing fight in IL is it is important to see the upside. Traitors once exposed are to be dealt with, all of the turn coats in the FL state GOP (Here someone on made a handy list, so we can find and support anyone running against them, isn’t that nice?) have just ended their political careers.

Rick Scott? You can kiss your Senate run a good bye. Rubio, Cornyn, etc. your primary challengers are jumping for joy.

HIT LIST: 67 Republicans With A-ratings From the NRA Voted for the Florida Gun Bill – Florida Grades

They have to learn you do not get to screw with your base out of their individual rights and get away with it.

Donate / Boycott / Buycott

Very straightforward, you find a candidate you like? Donate to the candidate. Do not live in an election state? Find outside candidates in races you like and support them; the Gun Grabbers do the same thing, why shouldn’t you support your side as well? You may not be able to cast a ballot, but you can send a few bucks to help them in their fight.

Boycott anyone and everyone who has sought to virtue signal off of this insanity. Dick`s, Wal Mart, Daniels Defense [although Marty Daniels has since recanted….], etc. have just pissed off millions of their customers, make them see that such positions are costly. You do not get to profit of the rights of Americans and then work to undermine them.

Buycott pro-gun businesses, namely the ones who go above and beyond just paying lip service.

Join The NRA / GOA

Yes, I know, just hear me out. The NRA has some responsibility for the current battle of the bulge.

They gave their moronic stance of “We support “additional regulation” on bump stocks” after Vegas instead of holding the line which has worked so well in the past. They are a pillar on the right, and if they do/say X it will likely trigger some of the more lower IQed morons RINO to think “Well if they support this, I must make it ok.”

The NRA has its faults, but if you are not a part of it you cannot clear its incompetent leadership and turn it into the Juggernaut, it could be.

For those who are members, and vote for them, support Adam Kraut, Tim Knight, Duane Liptak, Jr. They will clear out the ineffective leadership that is holding us back.

Gun Owners of America ( GOA)? Honestly, nothing against them but they do lack the size/bank account, but they make up for it in great leadership and standing firm.

Do not let the enemies of freedom get you down.

Do not allow the gun grabbers and the RINOs defeat you, do not let them sway you into inaction or surrender-ish thinking. The wise words of “Don`t let the bastards get you down” has survived 2000 plus years for a reason. Between Despair and anger, anger is far more useful, and when it is righteous anger, it has a habit of motivating not only yourself but those around you.

2018 is going to be a make or break year, do not allow the enemy to win by inaction or self sabotage. Instead of “hoping” for the future, why not go out and make it happen yourself?

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