Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to 14 ‘armed’ robberies

Andre Mosley

The way Andre Mosley was dressed when he entered the banks was a fairly good indication that he was up to no good. (Photo: Penn Live)

Andre Mosley, 48, pleaded guilty in a Harrisburg court Tuesday to more than a dozen bank robberies throughout central Pennsylvania, the Department of Justice said.

Mosley was charged with robbing by the use of force and intimidation after he held up 14 banks over a three-month period, according to court documents.

During a robbery, Mosley would enter the business wearing a coat with the hood pulled tightly around his face, walk up to the tellers and demand cash — in the form of $20, $50 and $100 bills — while keeping his hand inside the pocket of his coat, acting as if he was armed with a gun. In fact, Mosley threatened to shoot the tellers if they did not comply with his demands.

However, Mosley, who made off with more than $52,000 altogether, was never even armed with a weapon and was faking it the entire time.

The financial institutions Mosley hit during his robbery spree – located in Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin and York Counties – as well as the losses and dates, are as follows:

  • Members First Federal Credit Union, Harrisburg, $1,540, Nov. 18, 2014;
  • Patriot Federal Credit Union, Chambersburg, $2,900, Dec. 11, 2014;
  • Fulton Bank, Harrisburg, $950, Dec. 15, 2014;
  • Fulton Bank, Harrisburg, $3,495, Dec. 23, 2014;
  • PNC Bank, Carlisle, $1,930, Dec. 31, 2014;
  • Members 1st Federal Credit Union, Carlisle, $3,000, Jan. 9, 2015;
  • Citizens Bank, Highspire, $7,790, Jan. 15, 2015;
  • M&T Bank, Harrisburg, $1,920, Jan. 20, 2015;
  • Fulton Bank, Hummelstown, $11,860, Jan. 23, 2015;
  • Fulton Bank, Hummelstown, $2,620, Feb. 6, 2015;
  • Santander Bank, Red Lion, $4,670, Feb. 12, 2015;
  • Northwest Savings Bank, York, $4,250, Feb. 17, 2015;
  • Mid-Penn Bank, Harrisburg, $5,370, Feb. 24, 2015

An indictment also lists the Mid-Penn Bank in Harrisburg as being robbed a second time on Jan. 8, 2015, but the amount of loss was not listed.

Authorities apprehended Mosley following the last Mid-Penn robbery in February 2015.

If convicted, Mosley could face up to 20 years in federal prison, followed by a supervised release, as well as a fine. He has already been ordered to pay $52,295 in restitution.

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