Peaceful Volunteers Needed Jan. 20th to Protect Patriots at Richmond Gun Rights Rally

Oath Keepers Volunteers
Peaceful Volunteers Needed Jan. 20th to Protect Patriots at Richmond Gun Rights Rally

Virginia – -( Oath Keepers and patriots,

Volunteers needed! We need LEO and military veterans to volunteer to help us on the ground at the ARMED rally in the streets of Richmond, VA on Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 (not in Gov. Northam’s absurd disarmed slave pen – out in the streets with the hardcore patriots who will NOT be disarmed).

We put the word out to our members on our Facebook page two days ago that we need to be there to do all we can to help prevent this event from going sideways. We are still in need of men to assist. You do NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to help. Just be a qualified and trained LEO or military veteran who can keep your head and is physically capable of defending others. If you are in driving range of Richmond, VA, please come help.

To volunteer, email us at:

Tell us about your service and training. Attach a copy of your drivers license and CCW (if you have one) and your phone number.

We know many of you will be there anyway, so please consider also linking up with us and helping in this critical mission.

If you cannot make it in person to help, please donate to support those who can make it.


  1. Keep the police cool by making it clear to them that brother officers are on the ground, mixed in with the gun rights crowd. In our experience, after all the public events we have secured, from Bundy Ranch on, when the police know that other police are on the ground, among the patriots, it tends to prompt them to do their jobs better, and to prevent tragedies. We will have patriot cops liaison with local and state LEOs, doing all we can to prevent a blue-on-blue or patriot on police incident. We need as many patriot police officers here as possible for that mission.
  2. Keep patriots cool, focused on expressing their views but not going violent and not trying to crash the gates into the capital grounds. That is EXACTLY what Northam wants. Don’t give it to him! Best outcome is a calm, peaceful mass assembly of armed Americans exercising their rights to peaceably assemble (while armed!) and petition their government for a redress of grievances. Make Northam look like an overreacting, tyrannical ass. Keep our cool.
  3. Watch for false flags, hotheads, and agent provocateurs. Do all we can to deter or stop them.
  4. Escort vulnerable people to and from the rally. And especially after, escort elderly, disabled, or any other vulnerable individuals that the left may target for assault.

If things go sideways/kinetic then focus on protecting people and getting them to safety.

Email us at to volunteer.

NOTE: All that Navy SEAL veteran Matt Bracken has warned about regarding the VCDL organized Lobby Day rally in Richmond is a very real possibility. I am in Richmond as I write this, and I can tell you that after seeing the downtown capitol grounds and nearby narrow streets surrounded by high rise buildings and multi-story, open sided parking garages, Bracken is correct about the dangers.

However, the reality is that there will still be tens of thousands of armed American patriots there on Monday, Jan 20, 2020, in those narrow streets. It is now far too late to prevent that. I do urge you to read Bracken’s analysis so you understand the danger. You can read it here. But I encourage those of you with the proper training and experience to then join us on the ground to do all we can, using our training and experience, to keep things from going FUBAR. It may still go FUBAR despite our best efforts, but duty is ours, results are God’s, so we will be there to try to prevent or mitigate all the worst-case scenarios that Bracken outlines – specifically agent provocateurs, false flags, hot-heads going kinetic, or over-reacting rally attendees and overreacting local LEOs.

For us, this comes down to a matter of duty.

The Governor or VA has only made Bracken’s forecast of a FUBAR “buffalo jump” all the more possible/likely by pushing tens of thousands of armed patriots out into the streets of Richmond instead of on the massive green of the capitol grounds. Northam has done this by declaring an emergency and unlawfully decreeing that the capitol grounds are a “gun-free” zone and has ordered the police to set up massive fencing and metal detectors around the green, with anyone who wants to attend VCDL’s rally on Monday, forced to go through metal detectors before doing so. Predictably, and understandably, tens of thousands of American patriots will not submit themselves to being disarmed and going through an absurd metal detector and police gauntlet to just stand on some grass and listen to speakers. They are 100% right in their refusal to do so.

Oath Keepers will NOT be entering Northam’s absurd slave pen, and we urge all other patriots to likewise refuse to disarm and go through metal detectors just to attend a “gun rights rally.” A disarmed gun rights rally in VA is an absurdity and an abomination. As Patrick Henry would say, “Forbid it, almighty God!” Tens of thousands of American patriots agree, and we will all be outside of Northam’s sheep pen/slave pen in the streets of Richmond, standing in defiance and protest.

But this does mean that instead of all of us standing on the green, we will now be crammed into those narrow streets, surrounded by high rise buildings and multi-story parking garages. And all those gun owners crammed into those narrow streets just makes conflict with Antifa and other leftist agitators, provocateurs/false flag operators all the more likely and makes the plans of any nefarious actors all the easier.

Unfortunately, VCDL has chosen to ask that 10,000 gun owners disarm and go inside Northam’s sheep pen/slave pen, with the rest remaining armed out in the streets. We disagree with this decision. It sends entirely the wrong message. It lets Northam and his fellow-traveler oath-breaking domestic enemies of the Constitution in the VA legislature know that they CAN disarm at least some Virginians, because they already did on Jan 20, 2020. And to have members of VCDL be the ones who willingly submit to being disarmed just to listen to some speeches sends a particularly damaging message of a willingness to comply with tyrannical edicts. We respect the past hard work of VCDL, but this is a tragic blunder. It is not too late to change course and we sincerely hope they do.

We are still hopeful that VCDL will listen to us and to their fellow Virginian patriots who are telling them the same thing: leave Northam’s absurd anti-constitution square empty. Set not one patriot foot inside it. Instead, surround it with armed patriots to mock and ridicule it. Bring your speakers out into the streets with the armed free men. Let them stand on a milk crate and yell into a bullhorn if that’s what it takes. Don’t ask armed free men (Virginians!) to disarm and submit to a tyrant’s decree just to listen to some speeches.

Defiance and refusal, not compliance and submission are the proper responses. As the founders said, resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.

But, that needs to be a refusal to enter Northam’s pen. It does NOT need to be some absurd act of storming the gates/fences and attempting to enter the capitol grounds armed. That is precisely what Northam wants you to do. Don’t ‘do it! Read retired SEAL Matt Bracken’s write up again. And then read this. Bracken correctly states the best course of action is to focus on the already growing resistance at the town and county level, and he urges patriots to gather THERE in defiance. He is 100% correct. Follow the Founding Father’s example by using local resistance, defiance, and nullification as your wisely chosen method. That resistance is already underway with all of the town and county Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. build on it. Amplify it. And give it teeth!


Now that Northam has issued his wanna-be King George tyrant’s decree, the proper response is for the patriots of Virginia to call up a muster of all able-bodied men in each county, at the county seat. Not a gun-rights rally – A MUSTER. Bring the men of the county together. Declare Northam to be a domestic enemy of the Constitution, with the evidence being his absurd “state of emergency” declaration and disarmed capitol grounds decree. Declare him to be illegitimate. Declare all he does, all he signs into “law” from this moment on to be illegitimate and null and void from inception, without force or effect.

And then put the senior military officers or NCO veterans present in charge of swearing all the men in as the county militia, in a mass oath swearing ceremony. Form that militia right there on the spot, and then get those NCOs and military officers (especially the infantry veterans) busy training that militia. Invite the sheriff to also swear them all in as his deputies to form his posse/reserve deputy auxiliary.

And then get to training! That will send a message of defiance loud and clear, and will then force Northam to eventually come to you, where you are strong and he is weak, with him as the clear aggressor, rather than you going where he is strong, in some massively disorganized gaggle, with you being seen as the perceived aggressors. Remember Three Percenter Founder Mike Vanderboegh’s wise admonition of “no Ft. Sumters” – meaning that we need to let the bad guys be the clear aggressors. If there is to be a fight, let it be one that begins on the best of terms for us.

This is what the Founders did. When General Gage landed in Boston and placed the city, and really all of Massachusetts, under martial law, the Founders did not call up the town militias to march on Boston. Instead. they organized, armed, and trained even more town militias and they also formed up special Minuteman Companies. They got strong in their local towns and rural counties, and they defied Gage’s decrees. for example, he banned all town hall meetings. The patriots held town hall meetings anyway, in open defiance. They kept their patriot leaders out in the rural towns where Gage could not easily arrest them. That’s why Gage had to send troops to Concord – that’s where patriot leaders John Hancock and Sam Adams were. They did not stay in Boston, like sitting ducks. And when Gage finally had to go after them, he was forced to send troops out in to the country, where he was weak and the patriots were strong. And because the patriot leaders were protected by organized militia, Gage couldn’t send just a handful of officers on horseback (his secret police) to arrest them. He had to send a large regular military force of infantry.

Eventually, Gage was forced to go after the patriot leaders and to go after the arms of the militia. He had no choice, because they were making a mockery against him. He had to send troops out into the countryside to try to arrest Hancock and Adams, and to seize the guns and ammo of the patriot militia.

And not only did that make Gage the clear aggressor, it also guaranteed his defeat when those troops were overwhelmed because they had marched out into patriot held territory where they were weak and the patriots were strong. Follow that example. Don’t listen to hot head idiots who want to scream “Wolverines!” and rush the fences on Monday, in a bid to “storm the capitol and take it back for the people!’ or some other such nonsense. The focus of effort needs to be in the rural towns and counties, where the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement is already catching fire. Again, this is something that Navy SEAL veteran Matt Bracken has also been saying. Read his detailed analysis of WHY this is the proper course here.

Be wise as serpents, (or at least as wise as Hancock and Adams) and let Northam come to you where you are strong and he is weak. Declare him illegitimate. Declare all he does, all he signs into “law” to be illegitimate and null and void from inception, without force or effect. And then form up, arm up, and train your militia so you are strong when Northam does come, as he will be forced to do, just as Gage was forced to eventually march his men out into the countryside.

The proper strategy today is the same. Local resistance. Raising, organizing, arming, and training local town and county militia. Encouraging and assisting all the patriot sheriffs to form posse or reserve deputy auxiliary.

That is what Oath Keepers will be doing after the rally. We will be out in the rural counties, assisting in raising and training official county militia and posse. See our call to action here, on that vital training mission. That mission is ongoing now and will continue into the coming weeks and months.

Please consider making a donation to support that effort, or purchasing a raffle ticket to support our work.

Together we can make Monday a safe gathering of patriots and together we can grow the local resistance so strong that Northam and the rest of the oath breakers in VA are impotent and powerless to actually violate the rights of the people in their hometowns.

And if Northam nonetheless tries, he will suffer the same fate as General Gage; he will both fail and open the door to his own downfall.

As the Virginia flag famously made clear long ago: Sic Semper Tyrannis!

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers

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