PA & NE State Police Choose FAB Defense

Fab Defense GL Mag
Fab Defense GL Mag
FAB Defense
FAB Defense

Farmingdale, NY -( Recognizing the importance of providing their state troopers with innovative products that will give them the edge, Pennsylvania and Nebraska are upgrading their state police patrol rifles with the FAB Defense GL Mag.

FAB Defense’s engineers designed the buttstock with a built-in magazine well allowing the shooter to carry an additional— quick and easy to access— mag on the gun. The functional design allows the shooter to simply press a button with his off hand to release the mag and insert it into the mag well without ever coming off the gun. The GL Mag comes with a 10-round mag but accepts standard 20-round and 30-round magazines, too.

To learn more about the FAB Defense GL Mag, watch this video on how to install the stock on an AR 15.

About FAB-Defense:

FAB-Defense designs, develops and tests many products that are standard-issue to the Israeli Defense Forces. In addition to Israel’s Military and Police, FAB-Defense R&D Engineers collaborate with Special Forces and SWAT Teams worldwide to design and manufacture superior products needed to overcome challenges met in the field.

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