Oregon Covert Anti-Gun Bill, Back From The Dead…

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Oregon – Democrat Dacia Grayber’s bigoted “paramilitary “ bill is back from the dead.

HB 2572 is now scheduled for a hearing tomorrow in the House Committee on Rules, which has no deadlines.

We warned you about this dangerous anti-rights bill here: “This Is Not A Gun Bill.”

This outrageous and insulting bill has massive opposition. It is only supported by the most extreme anti-gun organizations like the “League of Women Voters,” the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility” and the Oregon Department of Justice.

While the promoters of the bill have insisted it’s “not a gun” bill, as you can see by the alert linked above, the people pushing it are radical anti-gunners.

There is no question this bill is intended to strip the rights of legally armed people to protect their property. And while the leftists promoting it are trying to mislead voters, this bill defines “paramilitary organizations” as:

‘Private paramilitary organization’ means any group of three or more persons associating under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement or security services unit.

As we told you, an opinion from “Legislative Counsel,” the lawyers who write the bills, stated:

“In section 2 of HB 2572, the definition of “private paramilitary organization” is quite broad and could in fact apply to a private security company, since a private security company would not fall within the law enforcement exception in subsection (3).”

It could also apply to your church security team.

Please contact the Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson, who is vice chair of that committee, and remind her that this bill is not only an attack on private citizens protecting property, it is almost certainly unconstitutional.

You can submit testimony here.

You can sign up to testify remotely here. The link to sign up to testify will be in the toolbar at the top of that link.

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