One School Shooting Killed Hundreds Despite Gun-Grabber Wish List of Edicts in Place

Innocent children and helpless teachers just aren’t slaughtered here. It also happens in places that have every gun law we’re told America needs to enact. (Beslan School Number 1 Aaron Bird Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

USA – -( The predictable reaction from doctrinaire gun-grabbers following the Florida school atrocities has been to ignore demonstrable causal factors and focus on citizen disarmament. What we see unfolding in the latest “children’s crusade” tactic is but a variation of the preferred “progressive” approach of using emotion to inflame “feelings.”

That doesn’t change the fact that the world works based on what is, not the way we might wish it to be. And the fact remains you could give the antis everything they ask for… scratch that, everything they demand, and here’s what happened in a country that did:

“The Beslan school siege (also referred to as the Beslan school hostage crisis or Beslan massacre started on 1 September 2004, lasted three days, involved the illegal imprisonment of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children), and ended with the deaths of at least 334 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic militants, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who demanded recognition of the independence of Chechnya, and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces stormed the building with the use of tanks, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons. As of December 2006, 334 people (excluding terrorists) were killed, including 186 children.”

Now let’s look at Russian “gun laws.” From, a (currently unfunded) decidedly anti-gun project started by Philip Alpers of the Sydney School of Public Health, but nonetheless an accurate recorder of national and international bans and controls:

  • The regulation of guns in Russia is categorised as restrictive
  • In Russia, the right to private gun ownership is not guaranteed by law
  • In Russia, civilians are not allowed to possess automatic firearms and handguns
  • In Russia, only licensed gun owners may lawfully acquire, possess or transfer a firearm or ammunition
  • Applicants for a gun owner’s licence in Russia are required to establish a genuine reason to possess a firearm, for example hunting, target shooting, collection, personal protection, security
  • An applicant for a firearm licence in Russia must pass a background check which considers criminal, mental health, and medical records
  • In Russia, an understanding of firearm safety and the law, tested in a theoretical and/or practical training course is required for a firearm licence
  • In Russia, gun owners must re-apply and re-qualify for their firearm licence every five years
  • In Russia, the law requires that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register
  • Firearm regulations in Russia include written specifications for the lawful safe storage of private firearms and ammunition by licensed gun owners
  • In Russia, carrying a firearm in plain view in a public place is prohibited, with some exceptions [hunters, security guards, sport shooters]
  • In Russia, carrying a concealed firearm in a public place is prohibited, with some exceptions

None of which stopped the terrorists from obtaining military-grade weaponry and affecting the slaughter of innocents.

Now think what the emotion-driven antis, vampire politicians and the DSM would do if a school massacre on that scale were to take place in the United States, especially on the heels of Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Unlikely? Besides, the Russian atrocities were cultural and political clashes that could never happen here?

Oh really? And what’s stopping it?

I could do this all day, but the point is made – except to reiterate that despite years of warning, U.S. schools are still (deliberately!) unprepared for such attacks. And the ones responsible accuse NRA (meaning all gun owner rights advocates) of having blood on its/our hands.

It’s no coincidence the same subversives screaming “Xenophobes!” at those who want to secure the border and provide thorough vetting of foreigners admitted into the United States are the very ones determined to disarm their countrymen. Based on results, they have no shortage of childlike useful idiot followers joining in their suicidal demands. And no shortage of cowardly establishment (including NRA “A”-rated) Republicans ready to cave to people who will never vote for them regardless, but still toss those who have under the bus…

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