Ohio officer shoots suspect in the head as he’s choking girlfriend (VIDEO)

WARNING: Video contains images some may find disturbing.

Body cam footage released this week shows a man violently choking his 18-year-old girlfriend before he is shot in the head by police outside of the man’s home in Canton, Ohio.

Hayden Stutz, 24, died as a result of the gunshot wound.

In the moments leading up to the deadly confrontation, two officers responded to the scene after police first received a 911 hangup call, then another call from Stutz requesting the police, an ambulance, and “all of that.”

Stutz, who sounded somewhat calm during the phone call, told the dispatcher he had asthma and needed his inhaler. Stutz also said he had a pistol and doesn’t “do well around cops.” Stutz later again reiterated that he has a pistol and “doesn’t give a fuck.”

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Stutz outside of the home with his girlfriend, violently dragging her across the yard as he choked her. The officers repeatedly told Stutz to let the girl go, but he refused to comply and continued to choke her.

One of the officers can be heard yelling at Stutz to stay away from the pistol before a single shot rang out, Stutz fell to the ground, and the girlfriend started screaming.

Stutz’s girlfriend told police he just “freaked out.”

No gun was recovered.

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