Oh Canada! 10/22 rifle mags capable of more than 10 rounds may be prohibited (AUDIO)

A Canadian gun magazine is reporting that stores in the Great White North are pulling bonus-capacity Ruger 10/22 mags under pressure from the Mounties.

Calibre, which bills itself as “Canada’s Firearm Magazine” this week ran a report that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, responsible for enforcing the national gun laws in the land of the Maple Leaf, is circulating an internal memo declaring that  all magazines for the 10/22 capable of loading more than 10 rounds are now considered prohibited.

The tip came to Calibre from the Moncton fish & Game Association (MFGA) who noted :

From what we have been told at the moment, these large capacity magazines will fit certain specific handguns (pistols) thereby creating a situation where the pistol capacity now exceeds the 10 round limit on handguns. Individuals, who for an example, have a Butler Creek 25 round magazine for their 10/22 must now have the magazine “pinned” to 10 rounds, leave the magazine at home, or turn it in for destruction by the RCMP.

This does not affect those with Remington rim fire rifles or other manufacturers. Apparently this is unique to the Ruger 10/22.

Now the RCMP has since 2013 had a ban on the BX-25 mag made by Ruger proper saying the magazine was designed and manufactured for use in the Ruger SR22 rifle, the 10/22 family of rifles/carbines and the 22 Charger handgun. As a result, this magazine is a prohibited device unless modified so its capacity is 10 cartridges or less (which is a thing in Canada) but the new regulation apparently applies to all the other 10+ rounds in circulation.

Or at least that’s the gist we get from the super chill phone call between Calibre staffers and RCMP above.

Holy Molsons!

This is a developing story and we have reached out to our Guns.com Canada correspondent for more information.

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