Officer who killed Philando Castile accepts buyout from city

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez appearing during his trail. (Photo: David Joles/Star Tribune)

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez appearing during his trail. (Photo: Star Tribune)

The police officer acquitted of the shooting death of Philando Castile accepted a buyout from the city of St. Anthony to the tune of $48,500, according to the separation agreement Jeronimo Yanez signed Monday and was obtained by local media.

“Since Officer Yanez was not convicted of a crime, as a public employee, he would have appeal and grievance rights if terminated,” the city said in a statement. “A reasonable voluntary separation agreement brings to a close one part of this horrible tragedy. The City concluded this was the most thoughtful way to move forward and help the community-wide healing process proceed.”

According to the agreement, Yanez will accept the five figures in a lump sum payment, minus applicable deductibles and withholdings for state and federal taxes. The Minneapolis suburb released the five-page agreement through a records request. Yanez initialed and dated the bottom of each page and signed the last. However, he has 15 days to submit a written statement to rescind the release of his claims.

A state jury acquitted Yanez of manslaughter and other charges last month for killing Castile. That same day, the city announced that Yanez would no longer serve as an officer, details reiterated in Monday’s statement.

“In order to serve the public interest and quickly assure the public that Officer Yanez will not continue as a St. Anthony police officer, the City has entered into a separation agreement that ends all employment rights of Officer Yanez at the City,” the city said.

After the trial, the city also agreed to a $3 million settlement with Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile, and avoid a wrongful death lawsuit. The city opted to avoid a prolonged court battle and undue emotional distress on the participants and community.

Yanez shot Philando Castile, an elementary school cafeteria worker, multiple times during a traffic stop in July 2016. Seconds before the shooting, Castile informed Yanez that he had a firearm. Yanez told him not to reach for it and opened fire as Castile reached for his wallet. The incident gained immediate national attention when Castile’s girlfriend live streamed the moments after the shooting on Facebook.

Article updated July 11, 2017 at 9:25 am EST

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