Oakland, CA: Convenience Store Clerk Pulls Gun & Defends Friend from Armed Attacker

OAKLAND, Calif. – A double shooting in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood has injured two men, and one is a Bad Guy with a gun.

The incident occurred at the Market One convenience store a few steps from the Fruitvale BART station. The shooting was captured by surveillance cameras, {video above} which were shared by the store owner, who said that crime and violence in the area have gotten steadily worse.

According to the owner, a man wearing a ski mask and a dark jacket entered the store and had a brief exchange with a cashier’s friend. The man in the ski mask pulled out a gun and shot the friend multiple times. At the same time, the cashier was seen on video footage jumping into action, shooting at and then chasing the suspect, who had now ran outside the store.

The store owner said that the cashier did shoot and injure the suspect, who was hit twice. Both men involved in the shooting are expected to survive. Police have arrested one man, but his identity has not been released.

The convenience store owner expressed frustration and fear, saying that he has dealt with vandalism, fights, and drug dealing but that this incident is the worst. He also stated that his cashier and another employee have already quit their jobs because they feel unsafe.

City Council member Noel Gallo, representing the Fruitvale District, called for an emergency meeting with business owners and the police department. He expressed his support for the business community, saying that some are threatening to leave and others have already left.

H/T Defensive Gun Use Tracker

This shooting highlights the growing need for law-abiding Americans to have increased ways to defend themselves and protect their loved ones. As crime rates continue to rise, particularly in Democrat-controlled areas, citizens should have the right to defend themselves and their property. More and more people are now carrying guns as an important way to protect themselves and their families.

The double shooting in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood has stopped one bad-guy with a gun but also highlights the need for increased safety measures in the area. The incident has sparked calls for more police presence and increased measures to protect businesses ad their employees. It also raises the debate about the need for law-abiding citizens to have increased ways to defend themselves and their loved ones.