NRA wants your junker


NRA’s version of cash for klunkers has a retro ad campaign. (Photo: NRA Foundation)

The NRA is looking for a few good old sets of wheels—or wings.

Cars for Freedom is a new project by the NRA Foundation, the fundraising arm of the national organization. The project seeks donations of old cars, tractors, boats, RVs, airplanes, or motorcycles—pretty much anything with an engine and at title.

NRA reaps the resale profits, while donors net a tax deduction and more room in the garage.

Donated vehicles are picked up by appointment, free of charge. The process requires only that the donor fill out and submit a form located on the program’s website.

Part of the program’s appeal is its simplicity.  Donating an unwanted vehicle saves the owner from the hassle of hosting risky test drivers, dealing with buyer credit issues, and the security issues inherent in selling a used car independently.

The campaign is cleverly advertised with a nostalgic, World War II recruiting/morale poster motif.

Not all vehicles will be accepted—even junk sellers have standards. Vehicles don’t necessarily have to be in running order, but there must be an engine in or on it and it must be towable. The program reserves the right to reject vehicles for donation. Vehicles must have a clear title. It’s alright if state and local air quality compliance requirements, if any, aren’t current.

Upon pickup, donors get a pick-up receipt. For vehicles valued at less than $500, this also suffices as the proof of donation for IRS purposes. Within approximately two weeks, the vehicle will be auctioned off. Should the auction value exceed $500, the donor will receive IRS Form 1098-C, showing the value of the donation.

Check out the Cars For Freedom website for more information.

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