NRA Board of Directors Perspective : Comments by Julie Golob

by Julie Golob

Julie Golob for the NRA Board of Directors
Julie Golob for the NRA Board of Directors

USA – -( Ballots are in the mail and this year’s NRA Board of Director’s election is heating up. Between the endorsements and non-endorsements, it has undoubtedly been the cause for discussion on social media, forums and here at

You know what? That’s a good thing.

Over the past several weeks there has been a good bit of chatter about perspective and what some candidates bring to the table. Perspective can open our eyes. It can make us aware of attitudes and points of view we may not have considered. Perspective can help us evaluate and discover a better route. However, to be effective, perspective should be specific.

In this world of labels, we are continually searching to define ourselves. There is a paradox when it comes to perspective, how it is limited and confused when used with broad strokes. As a woman, mother, hunter, and former soldier I have plenty of experiences to draw from. I don’t claim to speak for all womankind, mothers or even moms that own guns. I wouldn’t presume to speak for all veterans or hunters. Perspective is most powerful when defined and focused.

My most significant contribution to the NRA Board of Directors lies in my experience as a target shooter. My perspective started as a child and volunteer range officer. It developed as I became an enthusiast and recreational competitor. It continues to evolve as a professional, champion and influencer. I’ve pulled the handle on the reloading press. I saved many months to buy my first competition gun. I’ve picked up brass in the blazing heat and frigid cold. Over the past 25 years, I’ve pulled a trigger over a million times. I’m a shooter — a competitive one.

Why does that perspective matter? According to research from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in 2014 over 50 million Americans went “target or sport shooting.”

Contrast those numbers to those active in NRA competitive shooting programs, and it becomes very apparent that we have plenty of opportunities. Participation numbers for NRA shooting sports are incredibly small in comparison to those who associate themselves with target shooting. The state of the shooting sports and barriers to entry is an area I feel I am qualified to pursue and as a successful competition shooter, I know specific goals achieve specific results.

This election, like so many others, is becoming one of labels and who has the most rousing speech when it comes to 2A. The desire to “fix” or “drain the range” has many pointing fingers. We cannot fix the past. We can, however, use focused perspective for significant progress. I am confident that every person on the ballot has good intentions to do what they think is best to preserve our gun rights. Beyond the words, perspective with a plan is what will take our organization to the next level.

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