No Charges for Homeowner After Shooting Violent Intruder

Armed Defender Ends Attack on the Road, iStock-1354934183
No Charges for Homeowner After Shooting Violent Intruder, iStock-1354934183

U.S.A. — In a violent episode that unfolded on the 900 block of McCallister Road in Dothan, Alabama, a man was fatally shot by a homeowner after he forcefully entered the house and began assaulting an individual inside. The suspect, identified as 55-year-old Charles Kevin Sexton from Ashford, Alabama, was seeking his ex-girlfriend, whom he believed to be at the location.

The Dothan Houston County E911 Center received a distress call at approximately 12:20 PM on Saturday, July 29, 2023, reporting that the caller had just shot an intruder. The suspect had forced entry into the residence and assaulted another individual.

Police accounts indicate that Sexton, a passenger in a vehicle that arrived at the scene, exited and aggressively forced his way into the house through the main entrance. Upon meeting resistance from the homeowner at a second door, Sexton overpowered him and proceeded to kick down a third door.

Behind the third door was the object of Sexton’s search—his ex-girlfriend. Upon finding her, he began to assault her. Seeing the situation escalate, the homeowner retrieved a handgun and demanded that Sexton stop his attack. When his pleas fell on deaf ears, and Sexton began charging at him, the homeowner shot him once in the upper torso in self-defense.

Injured, Sexton left the residence, returned to the same vehicle, and was subsequently dropped off at the Southeast Health Emergency Department. Despite the medical attention, Sexton was later pronounced dead.

Following the incident, the vehicle and driver were located by the Houston County Sheriff’s Department outside Dothan city limits. Both the driver and vehicle were detained for further investigation related to this tragic event.

According to a statement released by the Dothan Police Department, “After consulting with the Houston County District Attorney, it is not believed there will be any charges against the homeowner for the shooting death of Sexton due to him acting in self-defense on his property as well as for the protection of another individual.”

All indications confirm that the homeowner was acting within the law when he used his firearm, given the circumstances of Sexton’s violent intrusion.

However, the case remains an active and ongoing investigation. Further charges, if any, will be determined as the police continue to probe the circumstances surrounding this violent intrusion and subsequent shooting. The community is urged to stay tuned for further updates as authorities work to complete their investigations.

From the Dothan Police’s release regarding the incident: “If there are any criminal charges forthcoming, they will be determined during the duration of this ongoing investigation.”

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