New Mexico: Basics Of .22 Rifle Shooting Workshop

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New Mexico: Basics Of .22 Rifle Shooting Workshop

New Mexico – -( Sponsored by the capitan highpower rifle club and the new mexico tech shooting sports club.


SATURDAY September 14-15, 2019, 8 AM on Sat, prone competition firing starts at 8:00 AM on Sun (see below)

CAPITAN GUN RANGE. The range is located 3 miles east of Capitan on the north side of U.S. Highway 380 ( Camping is OK on the Capitan Range. No water is available at this time. The following motel is available in Capitan: Smokey Bear Motel, 575 354-2253. Other lodging is available throughout Lincoln Country. On the web:

FEE $10 (includes cook out on Sat and match fees on Sunday and handouts). Additional funding is provided by the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Civilian Marksmanship Program, and Socorro Gun Club.

All students will receive expert instruction and coaching in the fundamental principles and techniques of prone and 3- position .22 rifle shooting (i.e., prone, standing, kneeling), which will carry over to air rifle and highpower rifle shooting. Prone only shooters are encouraged to attend. Students will be provided a safe learning environment that will enhance their shooting skills and prepare them for competition. Both James and Virginia McLemore are certified NRA instructors. Virginia is a certified coach, training counselor, national champion, and holds national records in highpower and smallbore rifle. Students must be at least 10 years old. ADULTS ARE WELCOMED. .22 rifles and other equipment will be provided if requested before Thursday September 10 and subjected to availability. If you have your own please bring it. On Sunday there will be a smallbore rifle competition open to all, even if you do not attend Saturday’s classes (see below).



  • Welcome and distribution of handout materials
  • Safety and handling the .22 rifle
  • Training and goal setting, schedule
  • Preparing for competition, team competition
  • Rules, types of competitions
  • Shooters Journal
  • Safety and handling the .22 rifle
  • Firing the shot
  • Prone position
  • Standing position
  • Kneeling position
  • Adjusting sights
  • Wind
  • Competition on Sunday


COMPETITION SUNDAY, September 9, 2018 (Open to all even if they did not attend the clinic). Time 8:00.

The course of fire will consist of: 20 shots each position (kneeling, prone, standing, target A-25), Dewar course (20 shots, 50 yds, target A23-5; 20 shots 100 yds, target A-25. Any .22 rifle, any sights. If shooters want to shoot prone only course of fire is 60 shots prone, 50 yds, target A-25, plus the Dewar course. Coaching is allowed in this competition only.

NRA classification will be used (rule 19.15). Competitors will be grouped by age: novice (10 or younger), subjunior (11-14), inter. junior (14-17), junior (18-20), and adult (over 21). Less than 3 competitors will be combined.

FEE for competition if not entered in the .22 workshop on Sat $10.

For more information contact Virginia McLemore (1219 Hilton Pl, Socorro, NM 87801; phone 575-835-5521, virginia.mclemore@

New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
New Mexico Shooting Sports Association

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The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, Inc. is a 501c4 non-profit corporation which has the following purposes: To promote social welfare and public safety, law and order, and the national defense; to educate and train citizens of good repute in the safe and efficient handling of small arms, and in the technique of design, production and group instruction; to increase the knowledge of small arms and promote efficiency in the use of such arms on the part of members of law enforcement agencies, of the armed forces and of citizens who would be subject to service in the event of war; and to encourage the lawful ownership and use of small arms by citizens of good repute.