Minnesota | Magazine Ban Introduced to Senate

Standard Capacity 223 Magazine Bans Ammunition
Standard Capacity 223 Magazine Bans Ammunition

Minnesota-(Ammoland.com)- We’ve been made aware that a group of Anti-Gun DFL Senators have been meeting secretly over the past few weeks and devising a comprehensive gun control strategy that they will begin unveiling over the coming days. They had planned to unveil their strategy at a press conference on Monday, March 19th.

But we’re going to show you their strategy in this e-mail – and then we want you to TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.

Most interestingly, they’ve been doing this deliberately without the involvement of the two anti-gun groups in Minnesota: Protect Minnesota and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown / Moms Demand Action organization.


The first part of their strategy is Senator Dibble’s Magazine Ban Bill – SF 3331, which was just introduced on the Minnesota Senate Floor. You can read the bill here.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • It defines a “large capacity magazine” as a magazine that holds more than ten rounds – or any combination of parts from which such a magazine can be made.
  • If you manufacture one or possess it or the parts to make one after August 1st, 2018, you’ll be guilty of a felony, owe a $25,000 fine, and serve up to 5 years in prison.

But if you own it before February 1st, 2018, you can keep it if you do the following:

  • Register it with your local police or sheriff.
  • Pay a fee set by your local police or sheriff.
  • Store it according to whatever guidelines are set by your local police or sheriff.
  • Allow the police to inspect your storage without a warrant at any time.
  • Renew the registration and pay a fee each year.
  • Possess it only at home or at a range.
  • Never sell it, transfer it, or give it away – except to destroy it.
  • When you die, it must be destroyed or removed from the state by your heirs.

And that’s just the Magazine Ban.

Here’s what else they are working on:

  • A ban on hollow point rounds, or “dangerous non-hunting rounds” as they call it
  • Mandatory firearms training to own a firearm
  • Mandatory gun safety education
  • A task force on “reducing gun violence” — which will then of course be used to argue for more gun control
  • Lifting the restrictions on research and data collection involving law-abiding gun ownership
  • Mandatory “safe storage” provisions

We’ve also been told that one Senator is working on a mandatory handgun registration bill, but we don’t see that in the minutes of their meetings.

You can see their full agenda at the following links here and here.

As you’ll see on Page 2 of their “agenda” – they’re trying to enlist law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, and other local community groups to strip you of your constitutional rights. They’re even going to try and flip hunter groups against us.


First, call all of the members of this secret anti-gun DFL cabal and tell them you’re aware of their scheming – and under no circumstances will you support their gun control plans.

  • Senator Susan Kent: 651-296-4166
  • Senator Scott Dibble: 651-296-4191
  • Senator Jason Isaacson: 651-296-5537
  • Senator Matt Klein: 651-296-4370
  • Senator John Marty: 651-296-5645
  • Senator Nick Frentz: 651-296-6153

Second, call your State Senator and tell them to stand strong in support of your constitutional rights. You can use this link to find your Senator’s name and contact information.


As you can see, the attacks on lawful gun ownership are coming from all directions now – even “strong” supporters like Senator Scott Jensen are flipping. It’s time to pour on the pressure!

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