Meprolight wins yet another IDF bid

Meprolight MOR

Meprolight just won a bid to supply the IDF with its MOR optics. (Photo: Meprolight)

Israel-based Meprolight announced on June 2 their victorious bid to supply the Israel Defense Forces with Mepro MOR reflex sights.

The Israeli military’s purchase includes not only the optics, but also obligations for fast delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Benny Kokia, Meprolight’s vice president of sales and marketing, said, “we are proud of winning this tender. The sight was selected by the IDF in an open tender following in-depth testing and rigorous trials. According to the army’s demands, we were required to set up a rapid delivery schedule for the sights, and to quickly establish an effective and efficient maintenance system appropriate for the Israeli army–an active army–and sufficient to ensure the proper ongoing functioning of its systems.”

“Thousands” of MOR optics are to be delivered under the arrangement. Meprolight hasn’t disclosed the exact number.

The MOR is a rough-duty, compact, red-dot reflex sight with integrated laser pointers, built for day or night use. It has a sizable 30mm diameter lens to facilitate rapid target acquisition. The system was designed with quick, instinctive, and accurate shooting in mind, in close quarters and at mid- and longer ranges.

Passive self-illumination makes the MOR easy to deploy in a hurry. LEDs are on board for extra-bright modes and use in dark conditions. There is one visible and one IR laser.

Using the supplied adapters, MORs can be mounted in several configurations on 5.56mm light weapons or 7.62mm machine guns.

It appears the IDF is quite pleased with Meprolight’s products and customer service. The company is still fulfilling a previous order of M5 Red Dot Sights, known in the U.S. as Mepro RDS Pro. Other contracts for a variety of Meprolight products have been fulfilled in years past.

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