Meet the Warner Infallible: 1917’s bargain pocket pistol (VIDEO)

Andrew Fyrberg’s blowback-action .32ACP pistol designed for the Connecticut-based Warner Arms Corporation — the Infallible — never really lived up to its name and is rare today.

Designed and put into production around the time of the Great War, less than 8,000 of these handy little firearms were made using tooling and spare parts left over from the production of the Austrian Schwarzlose 1908 blow-forward pistol. Featuring a 3-inch barrel, fixed sights, and rubber grip panels, they had an odd history that Ian with Forgotten Weapons covers in the above video — even comparing the two production variants side-by-side with the Schwarzlose.

And they look really funky on the inside.

The two Warners shown in the video are up for auction through Rock Island as a lot of five Great War-era compact pistols including a trio of 7.65mm blowbacks consisting of a Rheinmetall Dreyse Model 1907, a Becker & Hollander Beholla pistol, and a Fabrique Nationale Model 1922.

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