McMillan Fiberglass Stocks introduces Kestros Stock

The Kestros is built on the F-Class platform for F-Open competition shooting. (Photo: McMillan)

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks debuts a new model into its F-Class stock lineup, introducing the Kestros Model.

Built on the F-Class platform, the stock is best suited for F-Open competition, according to McMillan. The Kestros fore-end features a filled in design that increases density as well as stiffness. The wide style paired with a low-profile design reduces center of gravity for the stock while improving stability and torque reduction.

“The bottom of the fore-end is perfectly parallel with the bottom of the butt stock. This parallel plane prevents rise or lateral shifts of the rifle upon recoil,” McMillan said in a news release.

The Kestros Stock features an ambidextrous profile on both sides of the palm swell as well as the integral adjustable cheek piece. However, McMillan offers true right or left-handed check pieces. The stock is available in three factory configurations: Flat Top (no inlet), Basic Inlet (action outline and barrel channel) and Full Inlet (action and barrel inlet plus molded-in color).

For a custom feel, McMillan provides multiple accessory options as well as numerous color and finish choices.

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