Mass Shootings – Enough with the Live Practice Drills, Let’s Get Serious on Defense


Marine snipers will soon be carrying the Mk 13 Mod 7 sniper rifle
Mass Shootings – Enough with the Live Practice Drills, Let’s Get Serious on Defense

USA – -( Perhaps law-enforcement and politicians should analyze these shootings as Live Practice Drills to see what the common elements are, and to see what they can do to minimize the occurrence of these horrible events.

Recently, even a location (Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern CA) that had a fence and metal detector weapons screening for attendees became a non-gun-free-zone when a criminal cut through a portion of the fence and entered with a rifle. Even with a security and police presence, he managed to kill three and wound thirteen.

So much for signs and fences.

The only reason I can think of that these shootings will keep occurring as often as they do, is that perhaps politicians require more and more such practice drills to help push an anti-gun rights agenda.

The evil-doers certainly are giving much political hay to those who would bit-by-bit strip American citizens of our right of self-defense. Even Democrats who once pussy-footed away from any statement directly pointing toward confiscation are now starting to trumpet that we need mandatory “buy-backs”. Sorry, but my guns are not for sale. I politely decline your offer.

Instead of punishing the vast majority of us who are peaceful and lawful gun owners and carriers, the focus should be on preventing criminals from having the current “success” that they do.

I have an idea for prevention:

If there’s a large festival, put up signs stating that legal firearms carry is welcome. And instead of a few rotund officers walking around with pistols, have a few posted up high with sniper rifles to take down any crazed or terrorist sniper or armed fence runner.

Stone Mountain Park had law-enforcement snipers (saw them with my own eyes) on top of their Memorial Hall building for their last July 4th Fireworks Special. Good for them for getting serious with real defensive measures. And I was there among the huge crowd openly carrying my holstered self-defense firearm, as is legal to do there if you have a Georgia Weapons License, or a license from another state that’s recognized in a reciprocal agreement.

Unfortunately there is no limit it seems, to the amount of innocent bloodshed Democrat and RINO politicians will accept, in order to push for more restrictions on our rights.

We need real men and women to step up and say we’ve had enough of Live Practice Drills. We already know what we need to know to greatly reduce the frequency of mass shootings, and to greatly reduce the damage from them when they do occur.

The answer is more liberty, not less. We good citizens far outnumber mass murderers. Making targets less attractive and less victim-rich will make more of us safe.

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