Man with a large rock shot while acting erratic (VIDEO)

A man was shot inside a business in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Wednesday morning by an employee after the man raised up a large rock as if to harm the employee with it.

Police say before making his way to Fort Smith Blue Print, Michael Woith, 41, was running in and out of nearby businesses.

Chris Phan, who works at the blue print company, said Woith entered the shop and had already engaged him before he even realized the man had a rock. Others in the shop said the man was screaming incoherently.

“He just kept on coming after me so I pushed him a couple of times and he kept coming after me. I didn’t notice a rock until he waved it up in the air,” Phan said.

James Wisley, who was carrying a concealed weapon, intervened after seeing Woith threaten his family and co-workers.

“I heard him say the word gun, that’s when I rose my gun at him,” Wisley said. “I persistently screamed at this man, ‘Please leave, please leave now, leave now.’ I said, ‘Please don’t make me do this,’ and he said, ‘You’re going to have to kill me.”

Moments later, Wisley fired his gun, striking Woith in the shoulder. Woith fell to the floor, but simply got up and ran off as if nothing had happened.

Police responded soon thereafter and struggled to apprehend Woith, who admitted to both smoking and injecting methamphetamine.

Woith, who is a level 2 convicted sex offender, was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. He was then booked on charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

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