LockedOn 360: The Best Product for Ladder Stands, Shooting Houses


Lock On 360
Lock On 360
Locked On 360
LockedOn 360

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Many outdoor products for hunters are marginally useful, but seldom make the difference between success and failure on a hunt.

When a product does make a real-world difference in your chances to bag a trophy, it stands out. This year, the best new difference-making product for deer hunters is the LockedOn 360.

The LockedOn 360 is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use device that provides the most secure rest available for shooting from a stand or permanent blind under real-world hunting conditions.

When the moment of truth arrives for a hunter using a LockedOn 360, he has an exceptionally steady, secure rest and the ability to take a shot in any direction and at any angle at a moment’s notice.

 It eliminates the need to take a shot from an awkward position, or having to take what amounts to an off-hand shot in a hurry.
The way it works is simple. The LockedOn 360 has a base component that mounts to a shooting rail or the sill on a permanent blind. The base has a receiver that accepts the top portion of the LockedOn 360.
The top portion has a padded vise that securely holds a wide range of firearms, from bolt-action centerfires to muzzleloaders to hunting revolvers.

The vise portion can be rotated smoothly in any direction – up, down and from side to side – while the firearm is held in place by the vise.

This unique construction allows a shot to be taken at any angle that game might approach from, but at the same time keeps the firearm rock-solid steady. The vise is capable of holding the firearm by itself – between shots, the gun sits in the vise, pointed safely down range, without the hunter needing to hold it.

 Even the best offhand shots in the world are better shots when they can take a good, solid rest. And there is no more solid rest on the market than the LockedOn 360.
Not only is the LockedOn 360 a solid rest, but it greatly reduces felt recoil, making follow-up shots easier and faster.
Hunters with multiple stands will also find that the two-part design allowing the base and the vise to separate is a big bonus: bases can be mounted on multiple stands, but only one upper unit is necessary.

Simply carry the upper unit to the stand you are going to hunt that day and quickly slide top of vise onto the base and you are ready to go.

If you are a hunter who takes the time to scout good stand sites and put in those stands, there’s no reason not to put yourself in the position of taking the most accurate, ethical shot when the animal you are hunting appears.

There’s no reason not to try the LockedOn 360 this season.

LockedOn 360 Features:
  • Precision-machined for strength and durability
  • Smooth, quiet multi-directional rotation
  • Vise holds firearm securely at all times
  • Locking knobs hold gun in place when not in use
  • Reduces recoil
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Use one Mobile Gun Vise with any number of bases
  • Bracket to put your GoPro or Garmin to self-film
  • Optional universal bar-bracket mount for and tree stands with a railing
To learn more, please visit www.lockedon360.com.