Lies the Left Says About the NRA, and Why the Truth Matters

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Lies the Left Says About the NRA, and Why the Truth Matters

U.S.A.-( A year ago or so terrorists were targeting military recruitment offices. The NRA offered to provide free CCW training to the men and women staffing the recruitment offices. You may remember the anti-gun lefts response. They said “what does the NRA know about guns? They’re a political arm of the GOP.” The anti-gun left does not know who or what the NRA is. So they and their friends in the media simply get it wrong when they bash the NRA. Their perception is so far from the truth as to be laughable. Below is a quote from our FNRA Facebook page. One of the politer ones.

No one is going out to do things they don’t feel are right. It’s just that right now the NRA is a juggernaut that isn’t about learning to use your rifle anymore. It’s transformed into a huge political behemoth that drags the unwitting along with them. If the NRA were more friendly (like you are) maybe they would try to help ban bad guns and not throw up a bunch of subterfuge…

You get the idea; usually, they just call us baby killers and terrorists or NAZI’s and then delete their phony Facebook profile. This person spent some time with us and hopefully learned something.

The anti-gun lefts’ belief that the NRA bought the election for DJT, that the NRA is a tool of the gun industry and that the NRA makes their money selling guns. These are all lies.

Let’s start with the first lie, how the NRA bought the election for Trump, and include how their money buys politicians’. The fact is the NRA simply does not spend enough money to truly matter. Yes the NRA spent $30 million on exposing Hillary Clinton’s gun grabbing policies. Please note I did NOT say supporting Trump. Please WATCH his video; this is the type advertisement the NRA ran. Yes, it uses fear, but it is also brutally honest.

The fact is Hillary in speech after speech called for draconian gun control. Not on her web page but in her speeches and town halls. We LOVE and thank all the people who posted videos showing Hillary calling for gun bans and then posting them online!

While $30 million sounds like a lot; Hillary raised (through the campaign and special interests) $800 million dollars. This compared to $400 million for Trump. So the NRA’s opposition to Hillary represents 3.75% of her total budget and less than 8% of Trump’s total budget. The NRA didn’t spend enough money to swing the election. Of the $1.2 BILLION spent on the election by both candidates, the NRA’s cash involvement was statistically insignificant.

The 2nd anti-gun lie is easier to expose. The NRA does not sell guns. Period end of story. I’ve never been in a gun store with an NRA branded gun from the NRA…never not once. Why? Because the NRA does not sell guns.

Gun manufacturers have their very own lobbying group. So think about it this way. If the NRA was all that powerful and so all-reaching why would gun makers need their only lobbying group? The NRA accounts for about half of monies spent on gun rights to Congress. While the anti-gun left will recoil at this number, Lawyers and Attorneys spent 600% as much as the NRA to influence Congress. The top 10 spenders make the NRA’s contributions (again) statistically insignificant. Lobbyists spent $3.6 BILLION in 2017. The NRA’s contribution was less than 1.5% of that total. Who knew?

So, what is the mystical power that the NRA wields? They speak the truth, and they speak to and for 120,000,000 gun owners in the US. The NRA EDUCATES with fact, not with propaganda. It is AMAZING how powerful the truth can be. You on the left might try it sometime. But then for you, this is NOT about the truth, it is about getting and keeping your favorite politicians in power. You see that is where we differ. For American gun owners, it is about preserving OUR rights; we could not give one good crap about YOUR politics.

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