Lie Like Hell Once You’ve Run Out of Ideas

CT Governor Dannel Malloy
CT Governor Dannel Malloy

U.S.A. –-( Democrat Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said the NRA was a terrorist organization. This slander may shock most of us, but I wonder what took Governor Malloy so long. Malloy and the Democrats have run out of ideas. Their democrat controlled states are failing and shrinking. US citizens pack up and vote with their feet. They flee the failed Democrat policies that drove out jobs and ruined lives. Now, Governor Malloy announces his newly discovered terrorist threat. Democrats told us that Trump is Hitler, Republicans are Nazis, and the NRA and its members are terrorists who kill children. Those are the words of desperate politicians and dangerous men.

Why would a Democrat governor call the NRA and its supporters terrorists? One answer is ignorance. Most people don’t know that the NRA is the nation’s largest source of firearms safety training. The NRA has the largest program in the world that teaches children’s safety around guns. By calling me and the NRA terrorists, the failing Democrats are presenting ideas that are popular with their shrinking base of support. Democrat politicians are also saying what the mainstream media, the public relations wing of today’s Socialist party, wants to hear.

Contrast that name-calling with the actions of a growing and vibrant political party. A growing political movement plays to the middle in order to attract new members. A growing party reaches out independents and centrists. That certainly isn’t what the Democrats are doing today.

Instead, Democrats, the mainstream media say “Let’s try Socialism.” I’m sure that today’s big-government intellectuals are sincere in their desire to try the same old idea of Socialism. The Democrat politicians are desperate for any distraction that will take attention away from their growing lists of failures.

The shining star in the Democrat constellation has to be the failing city of Chicago. The Windy City was once the city with broad shoulders, the city that worked for a living. Chicago was once the home to middle-class Americans and thriving industry. Chicago was a vibrant multi-ethnic melting pot when I lived there. Today the working class has been driven out of Chicago and out of Illinois by Democrat policies. Now, Chicago is populated by illegal immigrants and those who are too old or too poor to escape.

Chicago isn’t alone. Add Detroit, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Los Angeles and the Bay Area to the lists of proud Democrat failures. The Democrats say that these cities failed because their great Democrat public policies were not executed strongly enough. We’re told that the rest of the United States should be more like them. Frankly, that is hard for us to believe.

Democrat failures were laid bare by the Trump recovery. Today, the Democrat politicians are desperate for a new distraction. The NRA supported President Trump in his election victory over Secretary Hillary Clinton. That makes the NRA an obvious political target for the Democrats and their mainstream media.

There is another reason to attack the NRA. Owning a gun is one of the strongest predictors of political affiliation. Firearms ownership is ahead of sex, age, race, or religion in predicting your political beliefs. Calling the NRA and its members a bunch of baby-killing terrorists is simply calling core republicans terrorists. It justifies the media’s global war on conservatives.  That slander comes as a surprise to the growing number of women and racial minorities who recently became gun owners and joined the NRA. Gun ownership moved mainstream. That threatens the extremists, Democrats.

Attacking political conservatives is an old tactic. The Democrats, the so-called party of tolerance and diversity, has used every political manipulation to shut down free associations like the NRA. NRA banquets and educational events are canceled after businesses get blackballed by local Democrat political machines. It happens. Look it up for yourself.

The reason for this latest political attack could be more deeply political and self-serving for certain politicians. Perhaps this latest attack is in retaliation for the Trump Justice Department’s recent release of records from the Obama Administration. We’re still getting documents about Obama’s gun running to Mexico called Operation Fast and Furious. We haven’t seen all the records from the IRS witch hunts against conservative political organizations. Those releases put the political future of Attorney General Erik Holder at risk. It might put Holder in jail. It certainly leaves Obama’s legacy at risk. I want to see those records, and so do most of us. The NRA was vocal in its condemnation of Holder’s gun running.

This condemnation of the NRA is also a tantrum that simply makes the Democrats feel better. Obama’s economics failed the rest of us. Of course, Obama’s Chicago style corruption worked out well for Barack and Hillary. They banked millions of dollars by selling political favors and access while the rest of us searched for part-time jobs. The Trump recovery showed that welfare and part-time work are not the new normal, as the Democrats claimed. That has to hurt if you are a loyal Democrat.

Those failed Democrat economic ideas are only one part of a long list of failure. We are told that the NRA kills children, while we’re asked to ignore the atrocities of Planned Parenthood. Democrats call for unrestricted immigration while they also tell us that greater levels of welfare are necessary for the unemployed. Democrats say we should end drug prohibition because it failed, while at the same telling us that firearms prohibition will succeed. Democrats claim that gun prohibition will keep guns out of criminals hands, while our unsecured borders deliver billions of dollars of drugs to our inner cities. That magical thinking doesn’t make sense.

More and more of us noticed the Democrat dependence on magic. It gets harder and harder for the mainstream media to spin Democrat press releases as reasonable.

You resort to slander and name-calling when you’re out of ideas.

Add this next fact to the din of cognitive dissonance coming from the Democrats. They are trying to both rewrite history and to repeat it. The same people who said that Trump is Hitler and conservatives are Nazis are now the loudest voices calling to disarm minorities. I’ve read what happened after the Nazis disarmed the Jews and “undesirables” in Nazi Germany. Many of us won’t allow genocide to happen again. If you doubt me, then I have to remind you that the NRA helped arm and train the civil rights movement in the 1950s. That is the proud record of the organization the Democrats now call terrorists. I am one of them.

Please pay close attention to what the Democrats say and do. Desperate politicians will try almost anything.

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