Libyan MiG pilot pulls off fly by at the height of shrubbery (VIDEO)

While Libya has devolved into something just north of a Mad Max film, the Free Libyan Air Force still has at least one MiG-23 pilot who apparently has been cleared to buzz the tower.

As reported by aviation blog Foxtrot Alpha, the few remaining operational fighter jocks of the FLAF (F-LAF?) have been strutting their stuff lately in their Soviet made MiG-23 (NATO Codename Flogger) combat jets. The jet was designed after experience gained by MiG-21 pilots over North Vietnam in the 1960s and was thought to be about equal to the F-4 Phantom, remaining in production until 1985.

With disco-era combloc tech, this swing-wing design is decidedly outdated but as seen in the video above, somebody can still make em hum.

If you’re curious as to the combat record of the jets when compared to what Uncle has, in 1989 a pair of Libyan MiG-23’s decided to tangle with two U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcats from the USS John F. Kennedy over the Gulf of Sidra. The short encounter ended with Libyan pilots parachuting into the sea and the F-14s landing safely back on the JFK.

Negative, Ghostrider.

Video H/T The Daily Mail.

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