Left-Hand Precision Shooters No Longer Left Hanging

Left-Hand Precision Shooters No Longer Left Hanging
Left-Hand Precision Shooters No Longer Left Hanging

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Best Damn Gun, LLC answers the cries of left-hand shooters. During SHOT Show 2018, they released the left-hand model of their Short & Long Action Remington 700 Chassis System. Like the right-hand model; the BDG chassis system lets the shooter/builder do a truly custom 700 platform build using AR-15 Handguards, Adjustable or Stationary AR-15 Buttstocks, and AR-15 Pistol Grips. BDG also released a Barricade Stop with Lower Picatinny Rail at the request of several PRS competitors.

Unlike other chassis manufacturers, the Best Damn Gun Chassis lets the shooter use handguards from various manufacturers.

“We don’t limit builders to just using our products, we adapt to theirs. If you want a 20” carbon fiber handguard to get your bi-pod out there, we can make that happen. If you want a 15” quad-rail tactical rifle with laser light, barricade stop, foregrip, flashlight, etc., we can do that too.” according to Dave Wilt, the company’s president.

The BDG chassis is modular, yet simple, by design. First, it is bedless; the action rides on two raised points right at the mounting bolts, making it accurate and easy to install. Second, the countless handguard options will free-float around the barrel from the recoil lug forward maintaining the accuracy of the barrel and deflecting heat from the scope. The BDG Long Action Chassis, was originally designed for 3.850 AICS style magazines, allowing hand loaders to optimize load length, though other options are available.

“We built a unique chassis system that would allow both left-hand and right-hand shooters to customize their rifle anyway they want. We expect to release a similar system for Savage in May and other platforms this fall.” according to Sonya Wilt, Vice President of Operations.

The company’s slogan, “Build It Your Way” expresses what the company intended to accomplish with this chassis system.

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Best Damn Gun, LLC was started to fill a need in the firearms industry. Demand for precision machined/Wire EDM’d aftermarket parts continues to grow. We began manufacturing top of the line, replacement handgun parts in 2007. As demand grew and so did the request for new parts that required R&D and testing, thus we acquired our FFL and started Best Damn Gun, LLC in 2011.

Our expertise in the field of Wire EDM machining is what truly sets us apart from other manufacturers. Each part we manufacture is designed with systems and periodic checks in place to maintain product consistency. It is this high level of precision and consistency that we’ve built our reputation on.