Lawsuit Against LuckyGunner Involving Gun Banners Dismissed & Settled


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – -( The firearms and ammunition industry has been attacked for many years by well-funded anti-Second Amendment groups who travel the country using the courts to promote their agenda.

Following the tragic events of a 2018 shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, Everytown Law, financed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, saw an opportunity to launch such an attack on Lucky Gunner.

The lawsuit that Everytown Law spearheaded against Lucky Gunner was recently dismissed and settled. Lucky Gunner followed all laws in completing the sales giving rise to the dismissed suit, a fact confirmed by the plaintiff and victim of the shooting, Trent Beazley.

“Upon reflection and review of the facts, I believe that Lucky Gunner did not break a law,” Beazley said.

Lucky Gunner is an industry leader in promoting gun safety, legal compliance, and customer service. It is expected that anti-Second Amendment activists will falsely claim this lawsuit resulted in changes to business practices in the gun industry.

However, according to Jake Felde, Chief Executive Officer of Lucky Gunner, “We didn’t agree to do anything we weren’t already doing. We’ll continue investing in a world class experience for American gun owners. We want ammo sales to be secure, convenient, and cost-effective for every law-abiding American.”

About LuckyGunner, LLC

LuckyGunner, LLC is a customer-focused online ammunition retailer headquartered in Knoxville, TN. It was founded in 2009 with the goal of revolutionizing the online ammunition buying experience. Today, it has a dedicated and passionate customer base made up of hunters, competitive and recreational shooters, and law enforcement agencies. LuckyGunner, LLC is owned by 2A Group, LLC.

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