Knife-Wielding Burglar Run Off By Home Owners’ Warning Shots

Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Fugitive During Home Invasion, iStock-1354938183
Knife-Wielding Burglar Run Off By Home Owners’ Warning Shots, iStock-1354938183

Police in Roseburg, Oregon, have arrested Robert Nager after he allegedly attempted to break into a trailer and broke its windows with a large knife on Friday morning. The incident reportedly occurred in the 3400 block of Northwest Broad Street, where witnesses and the victims said Nager was their former neighbor.

According to the RPD report, the victim’s father chased Nager away by firing warning shots from a pistol. Sheriff’s deputies later found Nager’s vehicle in the area.

When police arrived at the scene, Nager refused to exit the house until a taser was deployed through a window. He then ran out the back and was later apprehended. Two knives were reportedly found in his possession.

Nager was charged with menacing, criminal mischief in the first degree, unlawful use of a weapon, and attempt to commit first-degree burglary. He was detained without bail.

The incident highlights the effectiveness of legal gun ownership and the display, or in this example, the discharge, of a legal weapon in deterring crimes. In this case, the victim’s father was able to stop the burglary in progress and protect his property and family with just a warning shot.

Legal gun owners have the right to defend themselves and their property, and the mere presence of a weapon can often diffuse a crime in progress.

Caution: Some states still consider brandishing a gun to be a crime, so know your state and local laws.

However, it is essential to remember that legal gun ownership also comes with responsibility. Gun owners must understand how to handle and store their weapons safely and how and when to use them appropriately.

The incident in Roseburg serves as a reminder that gun ownership can be an effective tool in protecting oneself and others, but it should also be used responsibly and with caution.