ISRA Thursday Bulletin for November 24, 2016

Message from ISRA Executive Director, 
Donald Trump in Texas
Donald Trump in Texas
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

USA -( A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what I would write about in my Thanksgiving Day message to gun owners, hunters and sportsmen.

At that time, Donald Trump was slipping in the polls and the future was looking pretty grim for us deplorables.  I was contemplating what the next four years was going to be like.
The only word that came to mind was “ugly”, preceded by a series of expletives.
Early in the morning of November 9th, all that changed for the better.  For that, I am truly thankful.

Senator Jeff Sessions (Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III) has been nominated for Attorney General, by President-Elect Trump.

His nomination is a breath of fresh air to the Second Amendment supporters of the United States.  Senator Sessions has enjoyed a well-deserved A+ rating from the NRA.
His past actions show that he deserved that and more, if it were possible.
Senator Sessions’ committee assignments include Armed Services, Budget, Judiciary, Environment and Public Works.  Senator Sessions served in the United States Army Reserve, rising to the rank of Captain.
His voting record on the Second Amendment is stellar, to say the least.  Senator Sessions has a well-earned reputation of not pussyfooting around.
One of the 40 or so organizations under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).  I’m sure they will get a much-needed attitude adjustment.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care how many bad guys they go after, but trying to entrap law abiding citizens and coming up with half-witted schemes like Fast and Furious, should cease at once.

I suspect if any of them get out of line, they will only do it once.  Another thing I like about Attorney General Nominee Sessions is that he is not going to give one nano-speck of United States sovereignty to the no good, worthless, no account, good for nothing United Nations or anyone else.
Jeff Sessions is another one of those Thanksgiving blessings.
The next few weeks will see President-Elect Trump filling cabinet positions.  There will be whining and gnashing of teeth by the left and their fellow travelers, the lame street media.
As gun owners, we must stay organized and keep involved.  Now is not the time to sit back and “let Donald do it”.
I am also thankful for all of the great ISRA members, volunteers, board members and staff that make this such a great organization.
Thank you all for your faith and dedication.
On January 16, 2017, a new Form 4473 from the BATFE, will go into effect.

Although there are several minor changes, there is one major change that medical marijuana users need to be aware of.  Question 11e is aimed squarely at medical marijuana users and if answered yes, is an absolute disqualifier.

Despite the fact that several states have passed making medical marijuana legal within their borders, it is still a federal crime to use it, grow it, or distribute it.
The Ninth Circuit has recently ruled the medical marijuana users are disqualified.  I don’t see this change of Form 4473 affecting FOID Cards or Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses.

The State of Illinois is already aware of the circumstances. This will not affect personal transactions within the State of Illinois.  Medical marijuana users must be aware that crossing the state line, with a firearm, is a potential problem.

 There is nothing that the State of Illinois or any other state can do about it.
Thanks for being a member.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Speaking of turkeys, as a Thanksgiving gift to everyone, I am including a link to the “Obama Clock”.
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