HuntingPA Begins Drive to Provide PGC With Wildlife Decoys

HuntingPA Begins Drive to Provide PGC With Wildlife Decoys

Pennsylvania Game Commission – -( WWW.HuntingPA.Com has started a donation drive to provide the Pennsylvania Game Commission with wildlife decoys to combat poachers and road hunting. In this endeavor, HuntingPA.Com has enlisted the support of the largest sportsmen's organization in the state; Pennsylvania Federation Of Sportsmen's Clubs (PFSC), a 501(c) organization. PFSC is handling the accounting and disbursement of all funds.

This fund raiser is in direct reaction to almost weekly press reports of wanton waste and theft of opportunity from law abiding hunters. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is not a tax funded organization within state government. It also has not been granted sufficient funds to operate via a legislatively approved increase in license fee's. The last license increase was in 1999.

The Game Commission has curtailed services and programs in the last few years due to financial constraints. Funding to repair and replace law enforcement wildlife decoys simply is not available.

Monetary donations to purchase wildlife decoys are being sought to fill this void in funding. Decoys bought with the donations will be presented to the Game Commission at their January 25th, 2009 quarterly meeting. This donation will be on behalf of concerned sportsmen.

In the event we do not raise enough for a decoy, all proceeds will be donated to Hunt of A Lifetime ( ) .

To make a tax deductible donation:

Make donations out to “PFSC Endowment Foundation.” Make a note on the check that the it is for “Robo Critter.”

Not interested in a tax deduction? No problem, send a check to PFSC with “Robo Critter” noted on the check.

Send donations to:

PFSC State Office
2426 North 2nd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 232-3480
Fax: (717) 231-3542

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