How Shopping the Outlet Supports Local FFL’s Outlet Supports Local FFL's

Visit the Outlet, where local gun shops from coast to coast are offering some amazing deals

A core mission of is to support local FFL’s by giving them a place to easily list guns for sale. The biggest way we do this is the Outlet. Here dealers will find a user-friendly interface where they can upload their inventory without having to know every single detail of the gun.

As a result, the Outlet is a place where you’ll be able to find some of the best deals around. “It’s a win-win for both the dealer and the consumer,” said Chris Callahan, Founder of, “the dealer gets a place to easily list their guns online and the consumer has a place to find new and used guns at rock bottom prices. If you don’t mind browsing, you can find some collectible gems at great prices.”

When you buy a gun from the Outlet, chances are that you’re going to be supporting a mom and pop operation where gun sales equal food on the table. We’re proud to support a growing number of FFL’s across the country that are finding a convenient way to list guns online. Here are some of the best deals on handguns that we’ve found while perusing through the GDC Outlet.

Ruger LCP

used ruger lcp for sale

The Ruger LCP is a favorite among those who are looking for a deep concealment pistol. The 2.75-inch barrel is among the smallest in the industry.

This LCP is chambered in .380 ACP and comes with an extra magazine, Ruger zip-up case, and polymer holster from Fobus.


Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II

used magnum research desert eagle for sale

Ah the Beagle, a nice combo of the original Deagle and a caliber a bit more affordable for training. This Beagle happens to be chambered in .40 S&W and sports a custom Cerakote job on the slide, mag release, and trigger.

Black and gold is always an attractive color combo and the Beagle doesn’t disappoint in this case.


Beretta 92 SB

used beretta 92sb

The Beretta 92 is as iconic as it is ubiquitous. We’ve recently did a review featuring the Beretta 92, talking about how it’s still a strong defensive pistol even after being retired from the Army.

This specific model comes with an extra magazine and Bianchi black military holster. This gun is in excellent condition and one of the best deals in the Outlet.


Sig Sauer Mosquito

used sig sauer mosquito

Fans of training with cheaper .22lr will love the Sig Sauer Mosquito as a training buddy. Weighing in at just 1.5-lbs this is a gun that you could spend all day on the range with.



used SW40VE

Released in 1994 the SW40VE was aimed at the personal protection and home defense market. It was well received and remains in production today.

This used model was manufactured post-1999 as it has an integrated rail for a light or laser. Chambered in .40 S&W this model comes with two 14-round magazines.


Beretta Nano BU9

used beretta nano

If you love all things wood grain, then this Beretta Nano is for you. It has custom sticker? Cerakote, maybe? Application, let’s go with a custom application, to make it look like wood. So, if you’ve ever wanted to carry a wooden gun here’s your chance.

Seriously, if you know how this look was achieved please drop a comment, it would be much appreciated by the GDC Editorial Staff.


Colt 1911 100th Anniversary 4-Gun Set

colt anniversary gun set

Some might not consider a 4-gun set, priced at nearly $35,000, a deal but when you consider what collectible Colt’s can go for this is a worthy investment.

These beautiful 1911’s mark the 100th anniversary of the iconic handgun design and decorated to mark such a historic event. These guns have a high luster, blued finish with intricate scrollwork engraved.

It’s matched beautifully by the pearl handles which feature a golden 100-year anniversary Colt emblem in them. These could easily hang in a museum or the ultimate man cave and with the matching walnut display case that can be easily achieved.


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