Homeowner Shoots Burglar, Suspect Abandoned by Accomplices

Armed Defender Ends Attack on the Road, iStock-1354934183
Homeowner Shoots Burglar, Suspect Abandoned by Accomplices iStock-1354934183

On February 9, 2023, in the Websters Grove subdivision near Memphis, Tennessee, a homeowner received a call from a neighbor. The neighbor alerted him there were several people suspiciously near his vehicles. The homeowner armed himself and went out to investigate. There were two men in his driveway. They ran, but one fired at the homeowner, striking him in the ankle. From foxnews.com:

The unidentified homeowner living in the Websters Grove subdivision in Shelby County said he received a call from a neighbor on Thursday evening that there were several people standing outside his residence, Shelby County deputies told CBS Memphis affiliate WREG. 

The homeowner told authorities that when he went outside, he saw two men in his driveway and another two men sitting in a white car on the street. The two in the driveway made a run for it when they spotted the homeowner, with one suspect firing a gun at the homeowner. 

The homeowner was struck in the ankle but managed to return fire on the suspects, WREG reported.

Shelby County is an urban county with a rich history. The land Shelby County is on was purchased by the federal government in 1818, as part of the Treaty of Tecumseh. The purchase price was 300 thousand dollars, which was worth fifteen thousand ounces of gold, at the time. Memphis became the County seat.

Websters Grove is a recent suburban development just north of East Holmes road on the southeast edge of Memphis in Shelby County.

A third suspect was waiting in a white car on the street. One of the suspects from the driveway made it to the car. They drove off, leaving one suspect running around the neighborhood, pleading for his accomplices to return. From foxnews.com:

One suspect managed to get away, while another one, identified as 18-year-old Marreo Mays, was arrested

Deputies with the sheriff’s office said Mays went around the neighborhood knocking on doors asking for help and was heard on his cellphone yelling, “Y’all left me. Come pick me up.”

Mays was charged with two counts of burglary of a vehicle and vandalism.

The homeowner went to the hospital and had surgery done on his wound. He is reported back home and recovering.

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