Holosun PID Weapon Light ~ Video Review

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Flashlights are hardly something most people get excited about, but the new Holosun PID is actually pretty damn cool. And unlike many of its competitors, the Holosun PID is noteworthy for being exactly what it purports to be and nothing else; A bomb-proof, high-performance pistol light.

But the tactical weapon light market is a crowded one – can Holosun’s newest product find a niche for itself? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Holosun PID Weaponlight

The Holosun PID is, in some ways, a relic of the past – or more like a throwback. It’s not a product of technical limitations but a modern piece of kit that embraces form follows function. The PID doesn’t have a strobe function, the base model doesn’t have a laser sight, it’s not IR/NVG compatible, and it’s made of aluminum. It’s heavy. It’s big. And it’s exactly the weaponlight you need when things go sideways in a hurry.

Holosun PID
1,000 Lumens and 32,000 Candela – The Holosun PID doesn’t mess around. IMG Jim Grant

In many ways, the PID is like the Glock of pistol lights; it doesn’t try to do everything well, but it does one thing perfectly – illuminate potential threats.

This might seem like cope, but given how Holosun has made a name for itself by offering less expensive products with more features, there’s no way its engineers simply neglected to include these features. It’s a refreshing take on pistol lights in an era when some lights have ten different settings and three different toggle switches.

But what’s really nice is how the PID isn’t just a simple, reliable light but a ruggedized, serious-use illuminator.

Holosun PID03
IMG Jim Grant

Holosun’s Gun Light Features

This isn’t to say the PID is a pure bare-bones light. In fact, it comes with a pair of ambi toggle switches that wrap around the trigger guard of the host pistol and a proprietary magnetic USB charging cable that allows shooters to charge it in the car or with their bedside phone charger keeping it easily accessible and fully charged. The magnetic portion is especially good for this since you don’t have to unhook anything to deploy the light. Simply yank it free, and you’re ready to go.

The switch has two operating modes: hold for momentary and tap for constant on – and that’s it. And really, that’s all you need/want at 2 AM when you hear glass breaking in your home. Nothing to fumble with when adrenaline is pumping through your thick veins, causing your heart to beat through your chest. Just a simple button to let you know WTF just made that noise in your kitchen.

Holosun PID
Paired with a quality pistol like the Glock 21, the PID is an integral part of a solid home defense setup. IMG Jim Grant

As far as performance, the base model I tested blasts 1,000 lumens and 23,000 candelas, shattering the darkest nights with retina-searing white light. Run time on this mode is approximately one hour, according to literature, and in testing was actually closer to an hour and five minutes.

The PID measures 3.23 inches in length, 1.44 inches tall, and 1.21 inches wide – and in testing, the bezel just barely protrudes past the muzzle on a Glock 19, still allowing for contact shots without looking like your duct-tapped a maglight to your pistol. The only downside to the light is its portly five-ounce weight.

Glock 19 Holosun PID
Quietly own the night! IMG Jim Grant

Ultimately, the Holosun PID is a solid duty, home defense, or concealed carry light for compact-sized handguns like the Glock 19. And with an MSRP of $135.00 for the base model, you can afford five of them instead of one SureFire.

Live Inventory Price Checker

Holosun P.ID-Dual Weapon Light With Green And IR Laser GunMag Warehouse $ 282.99 $ 239.99
Holosun P.ID-Plus Weapon Light And Green Laser GunMag Warehouse $ 199.99 $ 169.99
Holosun P.ID Weapon Light GunMag Warehouse $ 135.99 $ 99.99
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HOLOSON P.ID 800/400 Lumens Pistol Mount Flash Light KYGUNCO $ 134.88
P220 Legion 10mm
The Holosun PID easily handled the 10mm recoil of the P220 Legion. IMG Jim Grant

Holosun PID Weaponlight Specifications:


  • Power Source Battery
  • Battery Type 18350
  • Battery Life (Hours) Up to 1 Hour
  • Brightness Setting High & Low


  • Window Size N/A
  • Dimension (in) 3.2 x 1.2 x 1.4
  • Weight (oz) 5


  • Housing Material 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Surface Finish Anodize
  • Adjustment per Click N/A
  • W&E Travel Range N/A


  • Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
  • Working Temperature -20℃~51℃
  • Submersion IP68
  • Vibration 1000G
Glock 19 Switchblade Holosun PID
Do you even operate, bro? IMG Jim Grant


  • UPC: 810047071747
  • Manufacturer: Holosun
  • Part Number: P.ID
  • MSRP: $135.00
  • White LED Candela 23000
  • Laser & Illuminator Type White Flashlight
  • White LED Output 1000 Lumens
  • IR Illuminator Class N/A
  • IR Illuminator Output N/A
  • IR Pointer Class N/A
  • IR Pointer Output N/A
  • Visible Laser Class N/A
  • Visible Laser Output N/A

Holosun PID Weaponlight User Manual

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