High Speed Gear Reveals New EP Series: Elastic Mag Pouches

High Speed Gear Reveals New EP Series: Elastic Mag Pouches
High Speed Gear Reveals New EP Series: Elastic Mag Pouches

U.S.A. — High Speed Gear, a leading provider of tactical gear and accessories, is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated EP Series: Elastic Mag Pouches. Engineered to meet the demands of the modern combat scenario, the EP Series offers unparalleled versatility, a low-profile design, and a lightweight construction.

High Speed Gear EP Series Elastic Mag Pouches

The EP Series Elastic Mag Pouches are specifically designed to fit a wide range of rifle, pistol, and extended pistol magazines, ensuring compatibility with popular firearms utilized by military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and responsible civilians. The innovative design allows for quick and easy access to magazines when every second counts.

Constructed with a woven polypropylene core, the EP Series provides a point of index for magazines during reinsertion, enhancing overall efficiency and speed during critical operations. Additionally, the rigidity of the pouch allows for seamless mounting on belts or carriers to ensure stability and security during active engagements.

One of the standout features of the EP Series is the Mini MOLLE capability, enabling users to not only MOLLE the pouch as usual, but also facilitating compatibility with belts that have non-standard MOLLE widths.

“We took are time with this one, and we are as excited about the EP Series as we are with our TACO line,” says Bill Babboni, COO of High Speed Gear. “At High Speed Gear, our mission is to always provide tactical gear that meets the highest standards of performance and usability. With the Elastic Mag Pouches, we have achieved just that. The innovative design of the EP Series fits what end users have been asking for, a price point ready – durable and reliable mag pouch. The versatility of these pouches makes them an essential addition to any tactical rig or loadout.”

One of the key advantages of the EP Series is its lightweight and low-profile design. Made from a fabric laminate, the pouch can lay almost completely flat when empty, making it ideal for operators who prioritize speed and comfort. Whether it’s a high-intensity operation or a long-range patrol, the EP Series ensures that users can move swiftly and effortlessly.

These Elastic Mag Pouches will be offered alongside High Speed Gear’s existing product lineup of top-quality tactical gear, including the infamous TACO® mag pouches, further enhancing their commitment to providing innovative solutions for professionals and enthusiasts.

For more information about the EP Series: Elastic Mag Pouches, visit their website at www.highspeedgear.com

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