Have you heard Magul has a bipod? Because Magpul now has a bipod (VIDEO)

Texas-based Magpul took a stand on bipods this week by announcing they have developed the “most durable and versatile bipod for the money.”

Crafted from steel, mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum, and injection-molded polymer, the Magpul Bipod goes beyond a simple set of chopsticks in concept and is feature-rich. A tool-less design, the spring-tensioned legs extend across a 4-inch range, from 6.3- to 10.3-inches, while the bipod allows for 50-degrees of total tilt — which Magpul says no one else’s bipod currently does — and 40-degrees of pan. The bipod also features an innovative ability to lock pan while maintaining the ability to tilt. The rubber “energy dome” feet are replaceable with standard Atlas pattern bipod feet.

Best yet, they have versions to fit M-Lok (duh), 1913 Pic rails, and ARMS 17S mounts. According to the specs, the bipod adds 11-ounces to the weight of a rifle and, when folded, stows to a 2.3×3.3inch profile that allows a stable rest due to the streamline polymer skin. The price?$109 with availability promised this summer in both black and FDE color variants.

Also, great Devo reference in the video.

And just in case you missed it, they also have a rifleman loop sling, which takes the best part of the classic Rhodie and 1907 straps and blends the two, with a twist.

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