GunBlast: America’s First Gun Reviewers

When GunBlast started in 2000, Jeff Quinn and his brother Boge Quinn didn’t realize the success they would have, much less that they’d influence the gun industry.

It all started with a sincere interest and identifying a growing demand. In 1999, Jeff decided to pursue gun writing as a hobby because he found gun magazines to be too contrived.

“Some of them are good (and) some are just fluff. It’d be an article on a piece of crap gun and across the page is a full-page ad for the same gun,” said Jeff.

So, he pitched to his more tech-savvy brother Boge: “If I could write about the gun, can you put it on the internet thing?” Boge agreed and GunBlast was born.

At first, their reviews focused on the guns they owned. But then they attended their first SHOT Show, the gun industry’s biggest annual event.

Jeff’s braided beard and leather biker cut were a stark contrast to the suits and polo shirts normally worn by attendants at SHOT.

“They looked at us like we just crawled up out of the woods or something and they never heard of this Internet thing,” Boge said of the exhibitors at the show.

Then, with online advertising still in its infancy, many companies hesitated except for two. Industry giants Sturm, Ruger & Company and Smith & Wesson took a chance.

“They were the first ones to figure out that the internet wasn’t just an overnight sensation,” Boge said. That got the ball rolling. Over time more gun companies contacted GunBlast for reviews.

“When we first started, I didn’t know how big the internet was, but Boge told me one day that we hit 8,000 hits that day and I thought ‘can’t get any bigger than this,’” Jeff said.

Boge added: “It’s funny to think about it now but it was a big deal back then because we’re up into the millions everyday now.”

After nearly two decades of publishing gun reviews, the GunBlast channel has garnered more than 64 million views. With the ad revenue coming in from the steady flow of traffic, both Jeff and Boge can work on GunBlast full time.

“I started GunBlast as a hobby, just because I was interested in guns and wanted to do it,” Jeff said. “I never imagined at first that it was going to make us any money.”

Despite their success, they said they try to remain humble. “GunBlast worked well for us for the last 18 years. I plan to keep doing this as long as I can.” Jeff said. “As long as my eyesight holds up and I can keep pulling triggers, I’m going to keep going.”

Jeff Quinn with his every day carry gun, a Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 from the Performance Center. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Boge Quinn with his every day carry gun, a Kahr CM9. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Jeff Quinn at his ‘office’ next to his house where Gunblast films many reviews. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

A closeup of Jeff Quinn’s every day carry Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 pistol. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

A Second Amendment sign that hangs proudly at Quinn’s house. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Jeff Quinn watching his granddaughter shoot her S&W M&P 15-22. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

The custom license plate on Jeff Quinn’s Harley Davidson. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Jeff Quinn attends SHOT Show in the early 2000s. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn loves Harley Davidson motorcycles. He’s owned 16 of them. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn and his wife on their Harleys somewhere in America. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn with his Ford Mustang Mach 1. (Photo: Gunblast)

A zen Jeff Quinn in his cornfield. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn on his tractor. (Photo: Gunblast)

Boge Quinn is a decorated musician. He plays mainly stringed instruments. (Photo: Gunblast)

Boge Quinn with a patriotic Kel-Tec KSG pump action 12 gauge shotgun. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn with Charlie Daniels and Anthony Imperato. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn’s 1901 Colt Bisley chambered in .38 WCF caliber. (Photo: Gunblast)

Jeff Quinn raises Texas Longhorns. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Jeff Quinn raises Texas Longhorns. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Dover, Tennessee is the site of the Battle of Fort Donelson. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

Dover, Tennessee is the site of the Battle of Fort Donelson. (Photo: Ben Philippi /

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