Gun Owners Targeted for Disarmament Thanks to Republicans’ Secret Govt. Watchlist

Terrorist Watch List
Terrorist Watch List
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Waupaca, WI -( WGO has confirmed that congressional republicans are prepared to concede on gun control.

This amidst screams for reinstatement of the so-called assault weapons ban and implementation of a nationwide gun prohibition for anyone on a secret government watchlist.

And what kind of people, might you ask, are on such lists?

Political activists like YOU. Gun owners like YOU. And constitutionalists like YOU!

This is a very SCARY situation.

Mass hysteria is leading dumbed-down-by-TV Americans to blame you and me for the acts committed by a mass-murderer (which of course took place in a Gun Free Zone, where no one could defend themselves).

Based on their track record, I don’t believe our Wisconsin congressional delegation will stand up to all the gun ban schemes being introduced THIS WEEK.

Anti-gun bills being introduced include:

  • Obama’s “No-Fly, No Guns” program, labeling you a “terrorist” because some bureaucrat doesn’t like your political views.
  • Semi-auto ban (which not only wipes out AR-15s but any deer rifle with semi-auto action).
  • Outlaw standard capacity magazines.
  • Implement mental health gun ban, so any hand-picked “doctor” can declare you mentally unfit to own firearms … with no due process or right to appeal.

When the neo-con fifth column in Washington pushed for secret terrorist watchlists after 9/11 (in which millions of Americans are now cataloged simply for being gun owners or politically active), they opened the door to this kind of totalitarian abuse.

Now, the republicans’ chicken is coming home to roost – and YOU are the patsy to take the fall for the actions of terrorists.

This is how fascism takes root: Slow, slowly, then suddenly.

PLEASE take this threat seriously. Sign the enclosed NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN petition.

Equally important, consider a pro-gun gift of $100, $250, $500 or more … if you can.

The more funding Wisconsin Gun Owners has available, the more we can do RIGHT NOW to hold our Wisconsin congressional delegation accountable.

Take Action:

1. Sign the NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN online petition.

2. Make a donation to WGO, your help is critically needed!

Thank you,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

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