Gun inspired adult coloring book helps 2A supporters relax

fullmetal coloring book

The book offers colorists gun-themed pages, quotes and facts. (Photo: Kimberly Kolb Eakin/Pinterest)

Gun owners can color their anxiety away with a new book aimed at the adult coloring community called Full Metal Coloring: A Book of Down Range Relaxation.

Created by former U.S. Army pistol shooter, Kimberly Kolb Eakin, the book is brimming with guns, gear, military paraphernalia and notable figures in the firearms world.  Quotes and facts from shooters are interwoven within the coloring pages, celebrating the shooting community.

Eakin said on her blog that gun owners shouldn’t be restricted to coloring flowers and paisleys. Instead, 2A advocates should have a medium that reflects their interests.

“I dreamed up pages of firearms or hunting scenes or marksmanship fundamental and then with my team of contributors and illustrators, we put it together. It’s been a pure joy to see these pages come to life,” Eakin said in a blog post on her site. “This book is for all of us that love the smell of gunpowder, the familiar sound of a magazine locking in place and the thrill of hitting ‘em in the middle,” she added.

Adult coloring has taken the art world by storm with many Americans turning to the exercise for relaxation. The American Art Therapy Association said the creative expression is a nod to the intrinsic healing nature of art.

“Since engaging in any form of art can have stress-reducing value, it is no wonder that these sophisticated templates for adult coloring have taken on such great popularity or that there are specific uses when applied in the proper context,” a statement released by the AATA said. “Coloring is an active process that can serve as a practice of externalizing focus and redirecting individuals who are pre-occupied in unhealthy internal dialogue.”

Budding artists can purchase Full Metal from Amazon for the reasonable price of $9.99.

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