Give the Gift of Ammo: Rifle Rounds

Gearing up for the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to drop a lot of coin on that perfect rifle for your loved one. Often, ammo makes the perfect gift for gun lovers and, even better, it’s affordable and easy to come by.

Take a look at some of our top recommendations for ammo designed for the rifle lover in your life.

1. Federal American Eagle

Rifle ammo

American Eagle offers a wide swath of rifle calibers.


Putting in time at the range requires ammunition that is both affordable and reliable. For this, we turn to Federal’s American Eagle brand. With so many calibers available it will surely make your head spin, American Eagle offers Federal primers and brass in addition to clean-burning powders.

Available in value sizing or standard 50 round counts, Federal American Eagles is priced around $15.

2. Barnes Precision Match

Rifle ammo

Barnes Precision Match is perfect for precision shooters.


When long-range shots are on the line and precision is everything, Barnes Precision Match ammo delivers power-packed performance at extreme distances. Precision Match is dedicated to maintaining a high level of consistency – a must-have for precision shooters. Loaded with match grade Open Tip Match BT projectiles, the load provides a long boat tail and high ballistic coefficient.

If long-range shots are on the agenda, grab a box of Precision Match ammo from Barnes starting at $25.

3. Hornady Match

Rifle ammo

Hornady Match brings consistency and reliability to rifle rounds.


Hornady is synonymous with reliable quality and its Match series brings both to the table. Using either Hornady’s A-MAX bullets, boattail hollow points, or the new ELD Match bullets, the Match series offers consistency and accuracy. Served up in three separate models – Steel Match, Vintage Match, and Superformance Match, you’re sure to find a load that works for your preferred rifle platform.

The Match series is available in all the popular calibers and retails, on the low end, at around $20 per box.

4. Winchester White Box

Rifle ammo

Winchester White Box is a go-to for gun owners on a budget.


We in the gun community affectionately recognize this Winchester brand as simply White Box. Available in boxes of 50 or 100, Winchester’s affordable ammo series boasts a bevy of calibers – so you’re sure to find something to pair with that rifle in your gun cabinet.

Perfect for plinking and retailing for around $10, Winchester’s White Box certainly won’t break the bank.

5. Nosler Ballistic Tip

Rifle ammo

Nosler’s Ballistic Tip ammunition is designed for performance.


Nosler brings 30 years of research and experience to its Ballistic Tip lineup. Loaded with the company’s signature green-tipped Ballistic Tip bullet, each bullet weight, and velocity are specifically calibrated for performance. In short, Ballistic Tip Ammo is sure to down deer, antelope, and hogs.

Sporting 15 rifle calibers in the series, Ballistic Tip by Nosler retails for around $35.

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