Gilroy, CA Shooting Personal Safety Lesson, We Are On Our Own…


Ft Collins, CO –-( Yesterday, a single suspect, armed with ‘some kind of rifle,” started shooting into a crowded local festival in CA.

Several fatalities and many injuries resulted. Some injuries were caused by the panicked stampede of attendees, rather than from bullet impacts. Apparently aware that festival attendees were being wanded at the official entry, the suspect cut-through a hastily-erected fence in order to gain access.

To their credit, local police were on-hand and reacted bravely and immediately. Police moved in, identified the suspect, and quickly took care of business.

Suspect was DRT

Predictably, Democrats are reacting by calling for immediate confiscation of all privately-owned firearms.

They always do.

Here is what the rest of us should be thinking about:

  • 1. Never trust “symbolic security,” otherwise known as “security theater.” Terrorists and other violent criminals will always find a way around it, as we see! Any time you hear, “Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” never believe it.
  • 2. In our “Age of Terrorism,” significant risk attaches to attending public gatherings, of any kind. Those with political or religious themes are the most dangerous, but even generic “Garlic Festivals” are not “safe, as we see.’
  • 3. The pernicious socialist lie that when you trade freedom for “safety,” someone else will protect you is believed only by naive fools.
  • 4. It can’t be said too often: You’re on your own.

Make personal security decisions accordingly.


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