Gear Review: Advance Dynamic Glock accessories


Advance Dynamic GTX Glock Armorer tool for Glock 34 and Glock 35 – at least seven tools in one. (Photo: Team HB)

Advance Dynamic of California has two accessories for Glock pistols, which were sent to our testing team for evaluation.  The products are the GTX Glock Armorer tool, and the other is called RMS 3435, a high-performance recoil spring/guide rod for Gen 4 Glock 34s and 35s.  The design is a throwback to the setup used in Gen 3 models.

The company takes phone and internet orders only. Advance Dynamic’s customer service rep Hendrix was knowledgeable about the products, helpful, and hey, how cool is it to share a name with the guy who reprised the national anthem with a Fender Stratocaster?

GTX Glock Armorer tool


Push in to release baseplate. (Photo: Team HB)

The primary feature of the GTX is the magazine baseplate removal tool.  A simple but brilliant design, it’s really only a small hook with a narrowed end. The brilliance is in the way it’s set on the end of the GTX at a perfect angle and distance to make removing the baseplate as easy as opening a beer bottle.  Just insert the hook end into the baseplate button, and press down, instead of up as one would opening a bottle, and, voila!, the plate slides halfway off, making it a breeze to open the rest of the way by hand.  It makes a breeze out of what is otherwise a frustrating job.

Baseplate removal with the GTX is customized to Glock.  We tried it on a few other models, no go.


Keep pushing down to remove baseplate. (Photo: Team HB)

In addition to making magazine maintenance easy, the GTX has a punch that fits Glock pins perfectly.  When extended, the rest of the tool offers plenty of weight and space to push a pin through with little to no tapping required.  Nifty!

The GTX is an all-around multi-tool that will prove useful in any Glock owner’s range bag, pack, or vehicle console.  Other items include needle nose pliers, a file/bottle opener, a slotted screwdriver, and a blade with a plain edge in front and serration near the base.

Primarily black with stainless steel, the GTX is handsome as well as functional.  Retail price is $54.95 and includes a black nylon belt pouch.


The punch tool works on all Glock pins. (Photo: Team HB)

RMS Guide Rod/Recoil Spring

To reiterate, the RMS 3435 is exclusively built for the Gen 4 Glock 34 and 35 only.  It replaces the stock guide rod/recoil spring.  Advance Dynamic also makes an RMS for Glock model 41.


RMS spring and guide in packaging. (Photo: Team HB)

The purpose of the setup is twofold: to reduce recoil and add durability.   Built with competitive shooting in mind, the RMS aims to decrease muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

Part of the recoil reduction is accomplished with a weighted reverse plug in the front of the guide rod.  While the overall weight isn’t much different than the standard one, it’s concentrated in the front.

On the durability front, the guide rod is made of CNC-machined stainless steel, as compared to Glock’s standard polymer one.  Since a trial of this would take many thousands of rounds, we’ll take Advance Dynamic’s word that stainless lasts longer than polymer. It makes intuitive sense, at least.


Stock setup for G34, left, Advance Dynamic RMS, right. (Photo: Team HB)

The spring is made of chrome silicon by the ISMI company. I won’t purport to know what chrome silicon is.  I can attest that the gun ran perfectly with it.

Installation was easy after the first time, which was a learning process.  The reverse plug retention clip must be inserted into the guide rod while holding an outer sleeve under spring pressure. With that done, the unit inserts into the slide like the stock kind.

Takedown with the RMS is easy; the same as with the stock spring and rod.


Inserting reverse plug retention clip into guide rod on G34. (Photo: Team HB)

A cautionary note: the pin would be easily misplaced in rocks or tall grass.  It’s best to perform this installation on a plain surface.

To be taken into consideration here is our test firearm and ammunition are strictly factory condition.  Results may be much different with competition guns.

We ran a G34 in this test, using 115 grain Federal  full metal jacket, 115 grain Perfecta FMJ, and 124 grain Speer Lawman FMJ. By both observation and comparative feel of running one magazine through with the stock, then the RMS 3435 rod/spring unit, the difference in perceived recoil and recovery was rather minimal.  Any advantages may be more palpable with heavier bullet weights and custom-loaded ammunition. For the competitive shooter who’s seeking even the slightest advantage in terms of speed and is employing technology to measure those differences, the RMS 3435 is worth a look.

The RMS in both sizes retails at $49.95. It’s made in the USA.

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