GA gun club sets its sights on women (VIDEO)

A woman in Monroe County, Georgia, is looking to help women learn effective means of self-defense.

Laura Giles said she was followed and approached by what she deemed a suspicious person when she was younger. She said a girl, who appeared to be a teenager, was banging on the door of her office building, which was locked at the time. The girl was asking to use the phone, but the fact that there were several older men in a car nearby made Giles rather nervous.

“I was scared to death and the only thing that made them leave is the fact that I had a gun in my hand,” Giles recalled.

She said it was partly that experience that drove her to start 3G – Georgia, Girls and Guns. The all-female club focuses on safety, self-defense and shooting, but there’s another, often overlooked aspect.

“A lot of the ladies that came in here are a little older,” she explained. “Naturally women just don’t have the hand strength and upper body strength that men do, so just doing something as basic as racking a slide on a gun can become a really, really intense problem that a lady can have and we needed to teach ladies how to accommodate those issues…how to be able to handle the firearm that they purchased.”

Giles said she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, but has turned her challenge into an opportunity to help others.

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