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U.S.A.-( When you go onto any social media site, you can find just about anything you want, from people who love unicorns to how to build a house. What I’m here to focus on is something that makes most people cringe. Guns. For me, guns are a tool that are a part of my daily life. I’ve decided to dig and do a little research on the gun culture depicted on Instagram, then talk about it by featuring one person every week. The gun culture is misunderstood if you ask me. So many people are so quick to form opinions and think they’re experts on the subject when they have no knowledge of the industry or have never shot a gun. Gotta love ignorance. I’ve come across many different and interesting everyday people who implement guns in their life just because they want to. Not because they’re told to.

The first person I want to feature because I find her very intriguing is Reneè Cherie aka LionessTactics on Instagram. She is someone who is very much involved in the gun industry. She’s a trainer, a mom, and an all-around badass. She is gorgeous and what I like to call “classy sexy.”

Before she wore a law-enforcement uniform full time, she was a hair stylist, dressing people up for special occasions. Now, one of her passions is teaching at the Compound, an exclusive training facility located in Moorpark California. She’s not only a firearms instructor but she’s also is a black belt in Krav Maga. It’s a system where they teach you weapon training is just as important as hand-to-hand combat. So not only is she deadly with a firearm she’s deadly with her fists.

I think it’s important to know how to defend yourself in both hand-to-hand combat and with a firearm, because a firearm might not be your best first option. It’s key to know when to use which one. What she shows in her videos about being attacked from behind isn’t something that the gimmicky “self-defense” tools you see out there will protect you against. That right there is a reason to not only follow her but to look into possibly getting this type of training for yourself. It’s better to be prepared and ready, rather than walking around naïve thinking something like this will never happen to you.

She teaches a wide variety of people how to shoot and practice self-defense. If you look at her videos, you will see that they showcase her as she viciously defends herself against surprise attacks while wearing a little black dress or range clothes. This is something you don’t see many people do and it sets her apart from most. You’ll find a lot of photos and videos of her shooting carbine and pistol and get a really good feel for the enthusiasm she has for the firearms industry and how much she truly enjoys teaching.

What I like about her the most is that she’s doing what she loves and sharing her passion and skills with the world by educating people. She seems like a very real, down-to-earth person who takes much pride in what she does. But she also has fun in what she does and always maintains a positive attitude. She seems to live life knowing it’s ok to fail sometimes; it just matters how you pick yourself back up that counts.

So I guess it’s safe to say that Lioness Tactics is one-of-a-kind in my book. She’s not going to be a defenseless victim waiting for help. Women who shoot, who defend themselves are becoming more common these days, so for all you people out there who think you can judge a book by it’s cover, be careful… because you just never know.

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Jessica Nyberg has over 15 years hunting experience and has been a firearms instructor for 8 years. She’s currently the Browning Ammunition blogger for their ammo line. She was on the TV show Handguns and Defensive Weapons on the Sportsman channel for the last 4 years, where she tested and reviewed firearms and firearm accessories. Over the years, she has developed an in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of products and firearms. She can offer valuable insight into your product line. Follow Jessica on Instagram @jessica.nyberg.