FOIA Lawsuit Seeks Information Withheld on Texas Church Shooting Perp

Devin Kelley Prohibited Person
What else did the government know about him? Why don’t they want to share it?

USA – -( “Today we filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the Department of the Air Force for records pertaining to Devin Patrick Kelley,” Stamboulieh Law, PLLC announced Monday. The complaint is a response to government refusal to provide documents that are “releaseable for a deceased individual” after the FBI “unexpectedly… clamped down on the court martial transcripts.

“The question is…. why?” the announcement continues. “It is most likely undisputed that Kelley was a prohibited person that bought firearms when he shouldn’t have been able to, but why keep the underlying information secret?”

As a matter of necessary disclosure, I am the plaintiff in this action, and have written about or joined with attorney Stephen Stamboulieh in other ventures documented in this link. While the preferred course would have been compliance with the FOIA request, all Americans, and gun owners in particular, have a right to full and complete disclosure of all records to which we are legally entitled. That’s especially true when the Sutherland Springs killings are currently being exploited in order to advance more gun legislation and to gin up public support to go even further. Representative sentiments from prominent “gun control” proponents include:

Add to that innumerable editorials and statements from primarily Democrat politicians, and the target of much of their wrath, the National Rifle Association, along with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, offering up “FixNICS” as a palatable “solution” for Republicans to back.

Gun owners have a vested interest in seeing the extent of what government already knew about Kelley yet failed to act on. In the face of resistance to our request, we are compelled to make the seriousness of that expectation known in no uncertain terms.

A “compiled for law enforcement purposes” deferment hardly seems necessary or reasonable with the killer dead, and suggests some other motive for not releasing requested documents.

You can read the complaint and see attachments associated with it here. Updates to the progress of this effort will be posted as warranted on the Stamboulieh Law website.

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