Firefighters rescue kids trapped inside gun safe (VIDEO)


Firefighters in Sterling Heights, Michigan, helped free three kids Monday who had trapped themselves inside of a locked gun safe.

“It sounds like it was a group of kids having fun and one got the other ones to go into it and the one outside shut it and locked it,” said Battalion Chief Edwin Miller, who also noted it was the station’s first call of this kind.

According to Miller, the paperwork to the safe – including the combination – was locked inside with the kids. Nonetheless, firefighters were able to use a hydraulic spreader to gain access to the lock bolts, and eventually open the safe.

The children were rescued without any injuries, and even got a tour of the fire station when they came to thank the heroes who helped them.

“Luckily, we have the tools and training to work on odd situations like this,” said Miller.

[ WXYZ ]

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