Final Push For Save The Second NRA Attendance Proposal ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Save The Second ( is in the final week of collecting signed petition forms to change the attendance policy of NRA Board of Directors Meetings.

If you are a Voting Member of the NRA and you care about your Directors participating and being more accountable, download the form, fill it out and send it in ASAP!

The NRA Bylaws currently have no requirement for attendance at meetings and many Directors rarely attend these important events. When Directors don’t attend, they neglect the duty they signed up for and their responsibility to the Members. Many of the problems facing the NRA and American Gun Owners today might have been avoided had the NRA Required the Elected Directors to Participate.

Save The Second was formed in June of 2019 to represent the voice of concerned American Gun Owners in the wake of serious revelations of dysfunction at the top of the Nation’s oldest and largest Second Amendment advocacy organization: The National Rifle Association.

Save The Second was founded by Anthony Garcia and Ron Carter after a tumultuous NRA Annual Meeting and week’s of allegations, leaks, lawsuits, Liam’s and counterclaims about the problems created by Wayne LaPierre’s leadership and those who are have working closely with him over the past 20+ years, including many NRA Directors and the Ackerman-McQueen PR Firm that is now embroiled in a legal battle with the NRA. All this while the NRA is being investigated by authorities in NY and Washington, DC. Save The Second is working with members, donors, and Directors that want change to help guide the NRA back on track.

Stay tuned for continued updates.

Save the Second

About Save the Second

Save the Second, a non-profit organization, was formed in June of 2019 to represent the concerns of NRA Members, as well as former and potential NRA Members, who believe that the leadership and strategies of the NRA have failed and that the organization needs to be reformed in order to effectively represent American Gun Owners and their concerns. STS has proposed Five Points of Reform at their website for consideration to improve the NRA.

For more information about Save the Second, The BoD Survey, The Five Points of Reform or other related issues, contact STS Board Member and Media Relations Representative, Rob Pincus at