Exercise Company Releases Glock-inspired Workout Accessory (VIDEO)

Pistol Grips™-Alternative Grip for Conventional Movements.Made from US Steel and Nylon PolymerGrip modeled after Glock 17/22 Dual Carabiner Attachment Point-FREE SHIPPING for the first 50 sold.-Available at Sorinex.com

Posted by Sorinex Exercise Equipment on Saturday, April 13, 2019

For when you want to combine that Glock muscle memory with sled pulls, pull-ups or lat pulls at the gym, a new product has you covered.

Sorinex Exercise Equipment, a legit work out gear maker and distributor, unveiled their Pistol Grips earlier this month but not associated with April Fools. Billing them as an “alternative grip for conventional movements,” the pair of steel grips modeled after a Glock G17/22 uses dual carabiner attachment points and ships with a pair of straps included.

A video posted to the company’s social media account shows them in use building lean muscle while showing off excellent trigger D. Retail is $129 with the company promising free shipping on the first 50 sold. No word on if they plan to offer versions in 1911 for the over-40 set or Hi-Points for home gyms.

Sorinex has since gotten a good deal of flak from the “but why” crowd which the company seems to be taking in stride.

We think this could be the logical answer to working out with this guy.

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