Everyday Carry Pocket Dump – The Grayman

The Grayman
Everyday carry gear montages or “EDC Pocket Dumps” are all the trend these days and in uncertain times like ours it is money well spent to be prepared and remain dangerous.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump - The Grayman
Everyday Carry Pocket Dump – The Grayman

Grinnell, Iowa – -(Ammoland.com)- A Glock 43 is a small EDC pistol and a new entry to the market that’s trending right now.

The subtle pistol means you can carry larger implements elsewhere.

Throw the knife in one pocket, a small flashlight in the other, the baton on your belt, and have the tool in your wallet, while the key chain could easily appear to be “just a bottle opener.”

Throw on a survival paracord bracelet, some reliable shades and you’re good to go.

Geared more toward an intermediate to experienced carrier, you’re practically an unnoticeable one-man arsenal.

Like what you see? Here is the The Grayman Everyday Carry Package product break down:

1.) Glock G43 Pistol

PRICE: $479
ITEM NO: 100-018-990
NOTES: If you’re looking for one of the newest offerings in CCW pistols by one of the best names in the business, check out the G43. (or read AmmoLand’s Glock 43 Gun Review) This single-stack 9mm is a 6+1 capacity, weighing only 17.95 oz. with a 4.25″ height and 6.26″ length, this latest offering features a built-in beavertail and textured grip for excellent control and retention.

Glock’s exacting standards will give you peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and concealable firearm. Each package comes with two six-round mags.

2.) Voodoo Tactical Pocket Survival Tool

ITEM NO: 100-014-518
NOTES: Think of it as a business card with an emphasis on business. This solid steel gadget comes in a carrying case and features 11 functions: Can opener, knife edge, flat screwdriver, cap opener, ruler, four-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication, two position wrench, and lanyard hole. Measures 2¾” x 1¾”, same as … you guessed it, a business card.

3.) Mantis Knives Encore Knife

PRICE: $55
ITEM NO: 100-014-732
NOTES: At only 3.7 oz., this 6″ knife is barely noticeable in the pocket or clipped to the side. with a curved 2″ M-VX blade that can be pocket-deployed via the spike spine. The only person who won’t want an “encore” is any potential assailants you have to use it to protect yourself from.

4.) Drago Gear 16″ Expandable Baton

PRICE: $17
ITEM NO: 100-015-867
NOTES: Telescopic batons are a tried-and-true carry item that’ll quickly put the advantage in your favor. The textured grip and carrying case will ensure you don’t have to fumble around trying to find it in a hurry. Feel the sting evildoer.

5.) Gerber Cortex Compact

PRICE: $50
ITEM NO: 385-000-019
NOTES: This inconspicuous light packs a respectable 125 lumens to thwart any bad guys, all from a single AA or CR-123 battery. Keep it clipped on your person or throw it in your glovebox for a small but powerful way to illuminate your surroundings and blind those bad decision makers in your life.

6.) Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

PRICE: $3.50
ITEM NO: 385-000-030
NOTES: It might look like a bottle opener that wasn’t finished properly, but it’ll serve that purpose as well as a pry bar, small flathead screwdriver, wire stripper, large flathead driver, lanyard hole, and cross driver out of this simple little key chain.

7.) Glock Model 43 Mag

PRICE: $25
ITEM NO: 100-017-579
NOTES: Don’t think because the G43 pistol is a recent addition to the Glock family that Brownells doesn’t have you covered with extra mags. Pick up some more if it’s the model you fancy for your CCW carry.

8.) Factor Tactical Operator Band

PRICE: $50
ITEM NO: 100-012-161
NOTES: Use the flint as a sink weight for the 30 feet of fishing line and hook, remove the P51 can opener without damaging the rest of the bracelet, or use the handcuff key to escape unlawful incarceration. With 12 feet of paracord and a snare/leader wire, you have more up your sleeve than Boba Fett.

9.) Oakley Standard Issue – SI Fuel Cell Glasses With Cerakote|

PRICE: $151
ITEM NO: 105-300-004
NOTES: Tested to filter 100% of every UV ray, the plutonite lenses meet ANSI Z87 impact standards. Available in black and desert sage frames with Black or Tungsten lenses. If you managed to hang onto RECOIL Issue 8, you can see they tested these same shades in their eye pro buyer’s guide and found they performed without flaw.