Everyday Carry Pocket Dump – Marksman EDC Package

The Marksman
Everyday carry gear montages or “EDC Pocket Dumps” are all the trend these days and in uncertain times like ours it is money well spent to be prepared and remain dangerous.

Brownells Marksman EDC Package
Brownells Marksman EDC Package : https://goo.gl/I14jXb

Grinnell, Iowa – -(Ammoland.com)- This Glock 19 MOS handgun’s been hot-rodded by the performance pros at ZEV mfg, with some extras like their Z19 Enhanced Socom RMR ABS CW Slide in FDE and the Zev Technologies Slim Magwell For Glock.

Because of its size, the holster and belt needed is larger, but light enough that it can still be carried without calling a lot of attention to itself if the right clothing is selected.

A Leatherman tool can help with simple repairs, and a tiny light and easy-to-carry knife can accompany the pistol. Your non-pistol gear is small enough to be stowed away easily without calling attention to itself. Wear it to the range or out and about with some larger, casual clothing to maintain your inconspicuous status.

Like what you see? Here is the Marksman EDC Package product break down:

1.) Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool

PRICE: $100
ITEM NO: 525-000-002
NOTES: A Leatherman tool will get you out of a jam more than once. With this one you get a fold-open locking blade, combination needle-nose/ regular pliers with wire cutters, a saw blade, crimper, wire stripper, and bottle/can opener. There’s also 4½” long clip-point and serrated sheepsfoot knife blades, a phillips driver, 3⁄16″ and 5⁄16″ flat-blade screwdrivers, scissors, diamond-coated file, wood/metal file, 9″ fold-open ruler, awl with thread loop, and .06″ eyeglass repair screwdriver. Time to add this to your range bag.

2) Magpul Tejas Gun Belt “El Original”

PRICE: $81
ITEM NO: 100-018-409
NOTES: Belts are like pistols; you can’t have just one, but it does make sense to get some that can serve double duty. Why not get one that is sturdy enough to carry your favorite sidearm, but doesn’t scream “range belt” when you’re at the ball game. Magpul’s “El Original” is made from water-resistant reinforced polymer and bullhide leather. Choose from black, chocolate, or light brown, and hold your pants up with a discrete, but functional piece of kit.

3) Glock Model 19 9mm Mag

PRICE: $25
ITEM NO: 100-002-772
NOTES: Sticking with what works is always a good principle to live by, especially if you’re partial to the accessories your gun came with. So if you’ve misplaced, damaged, or just want more of your factory Glock 19 mags, you only need visit the Brownells website to replace them in all their original glory with the features you’re so fond of. Just hit that “add to cart” button and breathe a sigh of relief.

4) Raven Concealment Eidolon Holster for Glock

PRICE: $95
ITEM NO: 100-018-389
NOTES: So you’ve found the right CCW gun. Now for a task just as important — finding the right carrying implements. This Kydex IWB holster for the Glock 17 does not disappoint. Its smooth shell works with body, belt, and clothing to minimize printing and maximize comfort. The attachment points for other accessories mean you’re able to tailor it to your liking and particular needs.

5) Streamlight Blue Nano Light w/White LED

ITEM NO: 100-006-501
NOTES: One coin cell battery is all it takes to power this aluminum, pintsized flashlight that’ll fit right on your key chain. And you’ll be doing something more productive than lighting your environment by buying one. For every one sold, streamlight donates a dollar to Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S.).

6) SOG Knives Flash II

PRICE: $55
ITEM NO: 100-016-861
NOTES: If you’re looking for a folder that’ll go with your EDC gear like peanut butter and jelly, SOG’s Flash II might be the perfect addition. Made with AUS 8 steel, it features a 3.5″ blade length, 8″ overall length, and weighs 3.1 oz. The Assisted Technology utilizes a piston lock activated by a sliding button. Compact, comfortable, and dependable all in one.